City Of Dreams Playlist (Ambient Atmospheres of the Cities of the World)

City Of Dreams Playlist (Ambient Atmospheres of the Cities of the World)


There is a particular group of artists I have taken a shine to in recent days.  They create beatless ambient moods inspired by points of interest in some of the world’s most notable cities.  Their names follow the formula of “(city name) Atmosphere.”  I find that each individual song has its own character to it.  I even find some of these songs good to listen to on repeat with crossfade.


As beautiful as the music from these artists is, their label “City Of Dreams” is quite mysterious.  They have no website or social media presence, and yet their music gets hundreds of thousands of plays each month due to being in a few playlists created by Spotify.


Every day, I search the word “atmosphere” in Spotify to see if any new music turns up or if any new cities got their own four songs of ambient beauty.


I created a playlist of all the unique music they have made so far.  Hopefully you will enjoy their music as much as I do.

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Awesome Playlist. I followed it! Here's mine. Thanks so much.



Thank you and you’re welcome.  That’s a nice selection of ambient you have there.


I am always checking for new and legit City Of Dreams releases on Spotify.  If any show up, I will surely add them to the playlist.

I'm very late to this party but I love ambient music and I have to say the New York one in particular is incredible.

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