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Have you ever listened to a song and thought that it should have been in a movie?  It could have been an already existing one or something you thought up of as you heard the song.  It doesn't matter if you post one song, an entire album, or even a playlist!


This entire symphony wouldn't sound too out of place in an epic fantasy movie:


As for music that would play during the credits, I think this one would do:

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Nathan Angelo’s “Twilight” could easily have been written for the closing credits of the 2008 Twilight film.  I have no idea whether The Twilight Saga novels influenced him or not when he wrote the lyrics.






Well this is easy for me but The Pretty Reckless released a song that sounds like a James Bond theme ahead of their upcoming album to be released on February 12.




I think this song would be perfect in a romance movie.

This song was used in a Google Pixel ad on YouTube I think, coincidentally when I was watching the lyrics video for this song. 


The lyrics of this song are already about broken love, and separation.

I wouldn't be surprised if any animes/movies added this song.


Hey, Eclipse_31


I'm surprised that those symphony pieces aren't in movies.


Here's a playlist that I made for reading the books that were later supposed to be turned into a movie. The author later wanted to make it into a series. I thought this would be perfect to put throughout whatever it became.


It's too bad that the one song isn't available on Spotify, anymore. I have it in my local files, and I have all the songs available in my YouTube Music/YouTube version of the playlist, though.



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I have seen this song be featured in trailers but i still have yet to find a movie that has this as their soundtrack.

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On the topic of Bond like themes, there's this from 2016: