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Music in Spotify Ads


Music in Spotify Ads

Hey folks, Meredith from the Communitiy team here. 


Over the years we've had a lot of you asking about the music in Spotify ads. In short, we make the music in house (it's not a clip from another song). 


However these small clips aren't available on Spotify yet. The irony is indeed palpable. 


But, now that you're here in the Music Boards, we want to say welcome! If you're a music fan, we welcome you to jump into some of our other popular threads:


Happy discovering.


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Hi --


What's the music that's being played in the background of Spotify ads? It's really catchy!


Specifically, I'm talking about the commercials that tell me that I should get Spotify premium. 


Please help!


Its our very own Spotify song!


Although, its not available on Spotify yet. The irony is indeed palpable. 



Can you link me to this song when Available?


All Spotify stuff is good.

To quickly clarify:


the one with the piano (I feel the need to clarify because I think there are perhaps multiple versions of the ad... and i think I may have heard one that wasn't as catchy as the one as I was thinking about).


Anyway -- I would highly appreciate it if it's released to the public. It is a weird thing that I try to make it so that I hear the ad more otten 😐






Indeed! Thats the one. You could double check by having a listen to one of our YouTube commercials because I think its the same one.



Wow, that is indeed it


Thanks so much guys!


(Wish it were longer - but meh, I've had it playing on repeat for a while :))




On a similair note, who is the guy playing the guitar in the background image of most Spotify Premium ads?

Just worth saying that this isn't Spotify's official song, rather a cover.

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Who's your Spotify Star?

I'm looking for a song that I heard on a spotify commercial on YouTube. Its kinda pop indie and its def not safe and sound by whoever the band is. Its footage from some concert but I can't find the commercial anymore. Can anyone help? Its driving me mad!

I'd need the commercial to help you out but I have a hunch it might be this one!


Wow you're a genius! That's the exact song! Thanks a ton!

Not a problem @trinkiedink . I like it too 🙂 

I just came over to spotify today and signed up from an ad in Youtube.  The thing is, I want to know what the song/artist was that brought me here!


Can anyone help?





Hi, and welcome to the community!


Do you have a smartphone or tablet of some kind? If so, try downloading an app called Shazam. This recognises a lot of songs very quickly so should be able to recognise the song in the ad.


If you don't, feel free to post the link and I'll give it a go for you.


Anthony 🙂

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It might be St. Lucia-Elevate, which is the one i heard recently on a ad.

you make me. avicci

If it's the commercial I think it is, then the song is called All Night by Icona Pop.

Hey hey! 


Depending on which one it is, it's probably either: 

Avicii – You Make Me

Icona Pop – All Night

or Weezer – Say It Ain't So


Hope it helps!

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