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Share Your Year in Music 2015


Share Your Year in Music 2015

Share your Year in Music 2015 stats here



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Different kind of stats in your "Year in Music" but in my opinion the most significant ones are : Time of listening, Number of different artists listened, Number of different songs listened.


Here is my personal results for 2015 :


Time of listening : 108 000 minutes

Different artists listened : 7 240

Different songs listened : 16 000



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Time of listening: 51,000 minutes

Different artists: 2,111

Different songs: 5,105

Most played artist: Sufjan Stevens

Most played song:


Time of listening: 56,000 minutes

Different artists: 2,566

Different songs: 4,979

Most played artists: Florence + The Machine, Years & Years, Aurora, Kodaline and The Mowgli's


And finally my Top 5 stremead albums (Florence + The Machine, Years & Years, Cathedrals, Say Lou Lou and Dotan). My favourite one was published on 2014, I can't stop listening Dotan:




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Top streamed artists in 2015 in my Spotify account:
  1. Manian, 1,477 streams
  2. DJ Gollum, 1,383 streams
  3. Cascada, 810 streams
  4. Basslovers United, 658 streams
  5. DJ THT, 648 streams
Top streamed albums in 2015 in my Spotify account:
  1. Manian - Best Of, 437 streams
  2. DJ THT - Open Up The Dancefloor, 391 streams
  3. Commercial Club Crew - 10 Years, 363 streams
  4. Manian - Hands Up Forever, 282 streams
  5. Various Artists - Hands Up Legacy, 218 streams
Top streamed tracks in 2015 in my Spotify account:
  1. Manian - Ravers Fantasy (Basslovers United Radio Edit), 657 streams, Zooland Records
  2. DJ Gollum feat. DJ Cap - Emotions In Dance (Easter Rave 2k15 Hymn) (Radio Edit), 470 streams, Global Airbeatz/DJ Beat Records Scandinavia
  3. Tom Trax - Mono 2 Stereo (Basslovers United Remix Edit), 252 streams, Munix Records/LNG Music Australia
  4. Monkey Business - One More Try (Radio Edit), 196 streams, Global Airbeatz/DJ Beat Records Scandinavia
  5. Nigel Hard feat. Jasmin Massino - Nur So Ein Gefühl (Phillip Radio Edit), 171 streams, RGMusic Records
My all top tracks (a lot of Justin Corza!) - here:
My top genre 2015: Hands Up with 95% and Hardstyle 5%. So what’s the time I spend on my lovely Hands Up! music? It is 28% more than last year! So it is 253,000 minutes, 4,216 hours or 176 full days... And again, 28% more than last year.
I listened 2,088 different artists (that’s a tons), 5,576 different songs in Hands Up! category. My favorites in Winter 2015 are Manian, Tom Trax, Cascada. At spring I’m into DJ Gollum, Manian, Cascada. At summer I am jamming with beats of Manian, DJ Gollum and Basslovers United. At autumn listening Manian, DJ Gollum and Cascada.
A year with tons of cool music, who knows what I will listen next. But that’s for sure: genre will not change! I will try my best to keep my favorite remix from Basslovers United also next year strong TOP1 xd Listening on my Spotify Premium! Spotify seems to pay a lot from my voluminous streamings to the music industry this year too...
Sorry, I just love my Hands Up! music ;d


It has been an amazing year on Spotify for me! My best friend introduced me to the app (even though I had an account since it first became available in my country that was just laying there) while being abroad and thus had not much access to radio and stuff and I became hooked! So, 22.000 minutes of music later (only 15 days but I have high expectations for next year!), 2015 is almost at the end with me discovering 536 different artists and 969 different tracks that made me discover and expand my music taste, participating in the awesome community (and having the chance to become a Spotify community Rock Star!!!) . Well, 2015 has been a great year for me and I'm even more glad that Spotify had a part in it. Thank you S!

Happy Holiday season everyone!

Kisses and hugs,



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Almost 1337 artists. 

Top album:  Rolling Papers by Wiz Khalifa, 1769 streams

Top artist: Wiz Khalifa, 5765 streams


Peace ^^

spotify minutes 2015.png


32,000 minutes

1500 artists

2600 tracks


And Royal Blood wins top Artist and Album 😄



Year in Music


Kicked the year off with: Fuck U Pay Me – Yo Gotti


Top Artists:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Glassjaw
  3. Childish Gambino
  4. Schoolboy Q
  5. Taking Back Sunday


Top Albums:

  1. Trilogy – The Weeknd
  2. Tell All Your Friends – Taking Back Sunday
  3. Worship And Tribute – Glassjaw
  4. Oxymoron – Schoolboy Q
  5. Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd


Top Tracks

  1. Degausser – Brand New
  2. Gas Pedal – Sage The Gemini
  3. Backseat Freestyle – Kendrick Lamar
  4. 7/11 – Beyonce
  5. 0 to 100 / The Catchup – Drake


Top Genres

  1. Alternative Hip Hop
  2. Pop Rap
  3. Alternative Metal
  4. Trap Music
  5. Emo


Total amount of minutes listened: 55k


Total amount of artists: 1,553


Total amount of tracks: 5,135




Winter: TV on the Radio, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar

Spring: The Weeknd, Schoolboy Q, Glassjaw

Summer: Childish Gambino, Led Zeppelin, The Cars

Fall: Queens of the Stone Age, The National, Glassjaw

Okay here are the stats.

I have started the year with Cosmic Gate - Storm Chaser (Extended Mix)

My Top Artist are..

1) Armin van Buuren (590 streams) 
2) Cosmic Gate (207 streams)
3) Tiesto (143 streams)
4) Dash Berlin (126 streams)
5) Dennis Sheperd (116 streams)

I think the many armin streams is due the fact I listen to his Podcast on Spotify. 

My Top Albums

1) A State Of Trance Year Mix 2014
2) A State Of Trance Radio Episode 718
3) A State Of Trance Radio Episode 332
4) A State Of Trance Radio Episode 719
5) Start to Feel (Deluxe)

My Top tracks
1) Prooemium - Armin van Buuren
2) Destiny - Markus Schulz
3) Burn the Sun - Tommy Johnson
4) Precious - Armin van Buuren
5) Into the Flame - Philippe El Sisi

Top Genres 
1) Uplifting Trance
2) Trance 
3) Progressive Trance
4) Progressive House
5) EDM

Allot of Trance this year.. But the Trance family will be strong again next year. 

This year i've listened 4% more music, 29.000 minutes w/ my beloved Spotify. 
Listened to 298 more artist this year, with a total of 1353 artist. Most of them are trance Dj's I think. 
And 2629 different tracks. 

Time of listening: 42,000 minutes

Different artists: 3,252

Different songs: 5,970


Top Artists:

1. Max Richter

2. Brittsommar

3. Rambling Nicholas Heron

4. Ben Russell

5. The Tallest Man on Earth


Top Albums:

1. Sleep (Max Richter, Ben Russell - fell asleep to this album many nights on repeat so not weird those are in top)

2. Umi (Lyla Foy)

3. When You Go (Linn Öberg)

4. Strange Gold (Wildfront)

5. Sky of Dresses (Crow Moses)


Top Songs:

1. Lyla Foy - He Is Lost

2. The Beach - Thieves

3. Rambling Nicholas Heron - January Street

4. Wildfront - Strange Gold

5. Neov - Woolen Pumpkin Shirt


My songs and artists are so affected by what I fall asleep to. Like wildfront, Lyla Foy, Max Richter etc. 🙂

My year in music results:


Listened 70.000 minutes (49 days)

9272 Different Artists

17000 Different Tracks


My Most Streamed Artists on Spotify: 

1. Alexei Rybnikov

2. Giorgio Gaslini

3. My Panda Shall Fly

4. Nev Cottee

5. Ennio Morricone


Top Albums:

1. My Panda Shall Fly - Too

2. Nev Cottee - Strange News From The Sun

3. V/a - Life Too Has Surface Noise

4. V/a - Hilselp 1 (Punk From Finland)

5. Giorgo Gaslini - Un Omicidio Perfetto A Termine Di Legge

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever



Hope everyone is staying positive and gearing up for the holidays because I have an early Christmas gift for you all! Have you ever wanted to know the Top Artist, Top Album, and Top Tracks you listened to this year? Ever wanted to know the Total Minutes/Hours you listened to music in 2015? Spotify has just released Year in Music in which you can now view all this information. If you're an artist with music on Spotify they have a seperate section for Artist Year in Music. Hope you guys enjoy the new site.


Happy Holidays,






Just a heads up there is a post thread already about Year In Music for 2015 here:


Just something to point out so as not to end up with multiple threads on the same thing.


Now if you want for this thread to be Artist Year In Music for 2015, just edit your main post title to reflect that so users will not start posting their personal user YearInMusic for 2015 in this thread.

Apologies. Didn't see this.

My Year in Music for 2015


Top Artists:

1. Leek

2. Drake

3. The Game

4. JAY Z

5. Future


Top Albums:

1. Leek - Lifernati

2. Joyner Lucas - Along Came Joyner

3. The Game - The Documentary 2

4. Big K.R.I.T. - Live From The Underground

5. The Game - The Documentary 2.5


Top Tracks:

1. Future - March Madness

2. Dave East - All I Know (feat. Tray Pizzy)

3. Leek - Neva Goin' Back (feat. Slim Dollars)

4. Leek - No Questions

5. T-Wayne - Nasty Freestyle (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Chedda Da Connect) - Remix


Top Genres:

1. Pop Rap

2. Hip Hop

3. Alternative Hip Hop

4. Trap Music

5. Rap


Total Minutes: 12,000 (208 Hours, 9 Days)

Different Artists: 361

Different Tracks: 877



It's about time that Spotify has released this to the public. My friends at the company have had a beta version for some time now but I wasn't allowed to say anything. I think it's very cool and it gives users something to look forward to at the end of every year. Thank you Spotify!




Will this update again at the end of december? My december listening hasn't been included so far



I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure I can find out for you.



unfortunately, no. It's generated only once.

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So if I had run it at a later date would it have included more music?


Or the cutoff is the same for everyone?

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