Shortest and Longest!

Shortest and Longest!


Here's something fun: post your shortest and longest song in your starred/main playlist.


Mine is:

Dog the Bounty Hunter Theme by Ozzy Osbourne - 0:53

Alive 1997 by Daft Punk - 45:31


EDIT: I kinda cheated since Alive is a concert not a song per se, the longest song is actually 'Horsell Common And The Heat Ray' by Jeff Wayne - 11:36

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On my main Playlist:

Shortest: Victory – Ben Prunty (0:16)

Longest: SB-07 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra (19:32)


On any of my playlists:

Shortest: Bonus Track Intro – Jim Guthrie (0:02)

Longest: The Rise and Fall of Bossanova Section IV – P C III (4:20:54)


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In my  main playlist

The shortest: spotify:track:5EGFboNnYR2n7rs7kxcJWA:small 

a soothing little interlude that has found its way to many other songs (and sets). CLOUDDEAD and Amon's dj sets come to mind.

The longest: spotify:track:23iCASomp6ZGdhitpnJBRJ:small 

super haunting, especially considering the album title.

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