20 song exchange

20 song exchange


Anyone wanna exchange playlists? 20 songs as diverse as possible. Themed. Whichever, I'm not picky. Just not 20 versions of the same song..unless they're all extremely different. Which in that case I'm mildly curious as to what song could be remade 20 times in a unique way. 





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How about 600 songs playlists with Ballads in the dark:


^ That... that isn't what the OP asked for.


Anyway, I'm really curious to see (and a little confused about) your 20-song playlist. Just for reference, I guess.


True, maybe OP can come with an example playlist and we can come up with some updates.


My hip-hop playlist is 20 tracks; feel free to listen if you're interested:

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Excellent, here is a great 20 song playlist you should enjoy.  Primarily songs in the urban space but a unique feel and tone to each. 

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