A Cosmic Journey Through Space

A Cosmic Journey Through Space


Though I am fairly new to Spotify I’m not a newbie to playlist creation. For ten years I ran five different internet radio stations (four won editor’s picks and one won an industry award.) Though conventional wisdom is that a Spotify playlist should be no longer than 50 songs, I’m creating a different beast. A COSMIC JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE is more like a radio station. Tune in, start at the beginning if you want, or scroll down and start at any random spot. I guarantee you’re in for a musical journey you will enjoy.

A COSMIC JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE is a trippy, spacey adventure through the universe and your mind. Rock, space music, electronic, ambient, new age, experimental music all jumbled up into one massive trip.
I also delight in presenting up and coming acts, so if you create music in this vein - send it my way!

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Cool playlist, @XPerryMental! I was glad to find a lot of great songs here by Ozric Tentacles and Pink Floyd that I also enjoy listening to, and I look forward to checking out your selections. Cheers!

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Cheers, Troy!


this is one of my favorite playlist, it always takes me to another place out of this world when i hear it,


Hey @XPerryMental

I had a listen of your playlist, and I thought you might dig this one new track I have recently released 😉


Yes, I loved that song and added it to the playlist. Thanks for suggesting it. I also followed your profile and added every song on your Aquatic Rituals album to my WEIRDEST OF THE WEIRD playlist (my list for more experimental works).


Best of luck on your journey of exploration!


Hi XPerryMental 🙂

Hope you don't mind a bit of me again 😅

I have recently put up another track that may be interesting for you. It's edging to even more weird electronic spaces.


There is even more on the way in this sort of vein, I will post here if you don't mind, there aren't many playlist curators around that are receptive for the more obscure side of electronic music


Take care 🙂



Hey, thanks a lot for posting! I added that track to my Weirdest of the Weird! playlist! Keep creating that experimental work!

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