[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)


[DISCO] Post your Disco playlist here (new playlist DiScOgRaPhY80)


Well we have a Soul and Jazz thread, a Reggae thread and many a Rap thread so I think a Disco one is required. A much maligned genre thanks to the saturation of it in the American music industry in the late 70's culminating in the blowing up of 1000's of records at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1979. But good disco was just uptempo Soul music for dancing not cheesy remakes or over orchestrated pop music. Real disco is all about the drums, four to the floor drum beat which had its roots in early Soul and Funk. Disco never really went away either just changed to Boogie and then onto House music, over the next few months in this thread you will hear all the styles, so if it's your thing subscribe to the thread, if you enjoy it leave a nice comment and follow the playlist and more importantly if you've got something to contribute then share in the comments.

The first playlist to start us off is some of the tracks that preceded what most people know as Disco, what most music critics call Proto Disco and then through to 1975, before it all took of and we started to see the Disco versions of every tune imaginable, but don't be fooled there was some amazing music onwards from then to that you will hear soon.


Recently posted Disco from 76 and a Earl Young special, some other great compilations from other Community members can be found here also.

As usual with my 'What is Soul' playlist's I try not to repost, so some songs won't be on here that you might expect to be they will come later or have already been posted and each of my playlists have been curated to blend together and every song compliment each other, so set your crossfade to full and enjoy the music.


Disco from 1980 volume 2 this week..

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My selection of the 100 best disco house and funky tunes updated every month. Check out my playlist Disco House Funky **bleep** "All Songs" for the entire playlist. Let me know what you guys think


How about a new modern song with a disco twist? https://open.spotify.com/track/5AfeakgLhW7FahgA92yyyo  

Grateful for your inclusive and listens! 


Dree Mon - "Rebel Soul" 


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