Great Artists with < 10,000 Monthly Listeners

Great Artists with < 10,000 Monthly Listeners


For a few years we've had a very popular thread "Recommend a band with fewer than 500 followers". A lot of you have shared great bands you've discovered that had less than 500 followers. 


Some bands you all recommended in the above thread were:





Now that the artist page format has changed to monthly listeners, we're starting this thread again. When you find a great artist with less than 10,000 Montly Listeners share it here. 


1. Right click on the song in Spotify.

2. Click 'Copy Spotify URI'.

2. Go to your Community post. 

3. Click 'Insert/edit link button'

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.51.27 AM.png

4. Paste URI.

5. Click Post. 


Today I'm recommending Reuben Hollebon, a singer-songwriter from Norfolk. Any fans of Bon Iver, Patrick Watson will love. 



Follow this thread's playlist here: 


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I suggest Light by Maria Moss! 😃


One-Eyed Doll! I've been to two of their concerts, and even though they're fairly small and on the cheaper side when it comes to price, they seem to have a better stage routine than some more popular groups I've seen. The best way I've found to describe them is they're for both a biker and a four year old girl, depending what song and album you choose.

(I hope this comment comes out somewhat properly as I have no idea what I'm doing.)

This is their most popular song. Fun tune, dark content, but in a way that doesn't creep you out and...

Izzy Losi & the Auracles are a great Aussie band going places! They have a great unique sound that stands our from the crowd.

In the words of the great Molly Melded, "do yourself a favour", and give this song a listen.



Recommending Baby C. She only has 12 monthly subscribers at the moment. Definitley deserves more. If you're into hip-hop/pop/rap/dubstep check her out! 🙂

This girl is about too blow up I feel.


Recomiendo a Oscar RD me parece que  este chico promete mucho




<p>Great Idea.</p>
<p>Please find below a link to our Artist page Divide Of Everything</p>
<p>We have just released 3 singles including one cover of Lana Del Ray Born to Die which we have tried to cover differently to the other metal and pop acts</p>


Great feel good song. Follow if you enjoy and feel free to add to any playlists.



follow my playlist: fresh nostalgia


@patbabiera wrote:

follow my playlist: fresh nostalgia

done please follow my page


Hi hope you like this song ❤️❤️ If you enjoy Beth Hart, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crowe maybe you might like this xxx


On soundcloud almost 500k on spotify less than 10k


These guys released their debut EP just a few weeks ago and it's pretty awesome! They're an Australian indie pop band with about 150 (and climbing) monthly listeners.




I would like to recommend new artist Andrea Lopez, she just released her debut EP "Echoes" and I think this girl is the next big thing. I love her voice and sincere lyrics!

In just one week I saw that she earned over 6,000 listeners, amazing, I discovered her through Spotify's curated playlist "Sin Ti".


Animal House. It is just simply the best up and coming band that I have heard in ages


A little bit of nepotism here:


shout out to all the fans of SOULECTION.

here's the latest artist Joe Kay is promoting: CHE ECRU (114 listeners - 18 followers)
(album released on April 30th) Che Ecru - Buries 



The Moderns if you like alternative rock. Their new album Blue Sky is great, especially "Pattern I See"

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