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Groovy playlist feedback

Groovy playlist feedback

Hey all!

I´ve been spending some time and effort to put a nice list of funky/soul songs from new/old and famous/infamous artists to make a nice selection of this music. 

I'm struggeling with the order I should put them in to make these songs complement eachother, but how? 


Does anyone want to help me with the order? Do you have tips for good additions to the list or do you think I should chage something? I'd love to hear! 


Kind regards, 



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Hey Tom, nice playlist. Works well on shuffle play 🙂
I have a song that might fit in here, check it out:

cheers, Peter

Hi Tom,


I tend to group genre-related songs: 3 or 4 soul songs, then 3 or 4 funky songs, another 3 or 4 jazzy grooves, and so on. But the order is always something that you end up changing eventually, after hearing the playlist a few times. You notice that some songs go better before or after others and make the adjustments.

Also, one trick I usually use is to sneak a slower rhythm song every 3 snappy ones, which helps not making the playlist too heavy/tiring.

You're welcome to check some of my playlists if you wish:


I forgot to mention that I did like your playlist. Plenty of nice songs that I never heard before. Thanks for sharing it.




Wow! You certainly did some serious work! I found some stuff I didn't know yet in your playlists and thanks for the tip. Let's see how it works for me. 



These are my ultimate groove playlists that might help with inspo towards yours!! Each have a different groove vibe so plenty of choice haha









Good stuff Beth!

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