Heavy Jams- A metal/hardcore playlist

Heavy Jams- A metal/hardcore playlist


Heavy Jams is a new, weekly updated playlist of metal, hardcore and thier various sub genres. It is 50 songs which is perfect for a long drive or a couple days commute to work. I also try to include 10 lesser known artists as well.

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It sounds great, mate! Congratulations.

Maybe, you'll find interesting North of South's music, an Spanish Progressive metal band with Jazz, Pop and Latin Music influences.

You can take a listen to some tunes like Nobody Knows (Alt Metal with some Prog attitude) or The Human Equation (Prog Metal with some nice Latin/Flamenco vibe).

I hope you like it!!


Hey, if you're still adding new artists onto your playlist, my band Low Wage released a five and a half minute self-titled EP a few months ago. Hope you like it.


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