Helping underground metal

Helping underground metal


The goal of this playlist is to form a bond of all metal bands. This list combines the best of well known metal with less known underground metal from around the world. Our mission at Metal Public Radio is to keep metal thriving. The best way to do this is to support new underground metal and get their music to more fans.

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Hi, Metal Public Radio's team!!

Your project looks really awesome and actions like yours are absolutely necessary for newcomer bands.

I encourage you to listen to my band, North of South, which plays Progressive Metal with some Jazz, Melodeath and Latin/Flamenco influences.

"New Latitudes" was released a few months ago and I hope you like it. And it would be an honor to be included in your playlist.

Best regards from Spain


Hello there, that is a great idea and a perfect way of getting people involved in more underground bands ! If u like, check our song below, we play Southern Metal, if u dig it, feel free to add to your list ! It is up to us to keep Metal alive!


Cheers from Greece !



Ill check it out. We have a streaming stationn that we can play yo on also. Feel free to add to our playlist and follow.


If you like send us mp3s, bio, pictures and logo to *snip*


Would you mind to check out this song. I think it will fit to your PL



Can you send mp3s and band info to *snip*


Its great, can you send mp3s and band info to *snip*



We would love if you considered some of our music for your playlist! Death metal out of Chicago IL 🤘




Can you send me mp3s, bio, pictures and logo to *snip*


Excellent idea! Here is a bit of music that might fit.

Keep up the good work!

Can hyou send mp3s and band info to *snip*



I am making a playlist with unknown metal artists on spotify!

I don't have the permissions here yet to post it and to include it on my spotify artist profile, but maybe if some of you guys listen to it and like it, that will change.

I will check the stuff of the people who post(ed) here and include it:



Hi there! 

I really like your idea and wanted you to ask to put my song on your playlist. Would really appreciate that! ^^ Cheers! EAS (HELLFIRE).


Metal/Hardcore from Victoria BC, Canada. 



Hey there, awesome work supporting underground acts!


Please consider our latest release for playlist consideration!



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