High Time | The 420 Mixtape

High Time | The 420 Mixtape


While psychedelic rock could be considered the glue that holds it together, HIGH TIME goes through tons of different genres and decades including Film Music, Rock, Pop and a lot more. Carefully curated and diligently tested 😉

Enjoy the music and feel free to share your thoughts.

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I have 2 separate curated playlists for such a time. I have that follows more of a Black Sabbath/Stoner Rock/Metal style, and one that's more conventional, chill and/or psychedelic songs. I'll post the "Chill" one first and then in a serparate reply, I'll post the "drone" playlist.


The "drone" playlist: (I may play with the curation here a bit moving forward)


 hi there!

i want to suggest a band that really fit with your playlist: OTAKUSUITE.

they play a genuine mix of psichedelia and stoner, with jazz rock elements and a lot more... in every song you will find some different influence... 


don't miss them, you will love them.


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