Music in portuguese

Music in portuguese


Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has recommendations of songs in portuguese. Here's a playlist I'm working on but would definitely like more variety.

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Ohh, a classic! Thanks for reminding me @rossi1911 🙂


Check this guy out! One of the top new Brazilian artists/rappers out right now


This is one of my favorite bands from Brazil, they're not much famous but their music is awesome. Totally worth listening to:
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Hey @catalinajg,


A bit older music, but I really like these two:






Cheers! 🙂


I really liked it @Brunelicia!! Thanks for the recommendation


Here is my Brazilian music playlist it's pretty long but if you're looking for anything in particular here is how it more or less breaks down for the sake of navigating it easier


  • cult classics
  • samba
  • psychedelic/disco/funk
  • experimental
  • western musicians paying homage to brazilian sounds
  • mpb (aka popular brazilian music; classic/older artists)
  • rap/hip-hop
  • rock
  • baile funk (sometimes referred to as favela funk)
  • electronic
  • axe
  • indie pop/rock
  • tropicalia (more of a cultural movement than sound but unified in message)
  • more mpb (recent/younger artists)
  • more indie pop/rock and experimental
  • candombles


Hope this helps 🙂


i really love tropicalia (quite randomly, i admit). the movement is pretty old now, but this album, by the trop king himself, was fresh at the time for its western influence; it has english and portuguese lyrics:


Mallu is more modern and awesome as well


This one's an old favorite. 🙂 (It's metal.)


Portugal - Viagens na Minha Terra

Portugal - Travels In My Homeland

This is a playlist with Portuguese folk(ish) music, both traditional and modern. It's more related to the countryside instead of the large coastal cities, that is why I (almost) let "Fado" music out of this playlist. Imagine the beautiful landscapes and enjoy.


Hi catalinajg, this is my playlist with brazilian 80/90s rock and pop.


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My Portuguese music playlist (since 2014 with more than 2,000 tracks)

All genres can be found.

This playlist is live, and new tracks are added every moth or so.

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