Roadtrip Playlist

Roadtrip Playlist


This is my playlist I use during the summer while crusin in my mustang with the top down. I usually get a lot of "nice car" comments but sometimes I think it's for the music, not the car. Enjoy!


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I don't have a car, and I like trucks and bikes, but I like this playlist, minus a couple bands. There are also some bands that I'm not familiar with, but that gives people a chance to see if they like them. A lot of the songs are sticking to the theme, but some aren't, which is alright, too, because it mixes it up. I see that you have a new picture on it. The old one looked better, but you should get a shot from inside your car to the road, or of your car in front of a famous place that people stop at, on road trips.


I have a couple suggestions for songs, too, and I won't be offended if you don't use them. I have a starter playlist for a road trip that I put them on.

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