Share your fav playlists!

Share your fav playlists!


Hey, feel free to share your playlists and your username so other people can discover new music and appreciate your playlists 🙂 Here is my accounts with tons of playlists for many moods 

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👽🚀☄️ Relaxing Space Trip (Synthwave, Spacewave, Vaporwave and etc)

🌃🚗🚓This playlist is for late night driving. (Synthwave, Darksynth, Cyberpunk, Filter House and etc)

💖🌈Cute songs to make you happy! (Kawaii Future Bass, Kawaii EDM, Japanese Electropop and etc)

🌈Close your eyes... If you listen this playlist, you can go to sleep...


Hi there I would love to share the playlists I made!

I like to make playlists based on decade, it is kinda an OCD for me:)

You can follow my playlists if u like it~I'll keep on updating and making new one!

Thank you so much!


This is is the playlists I listen to the most~I love the 90's as I was born in the 90's! This is my 90's rock music playlist!


and this is also a 90's playlist, but with more R&B and Pop classic hits!


This is my 80's rock music playlist with mostly hard rock and metal songs~


and this is another 80's playlist, with mostly hits pop songs and some dance/electro music


This is my 70's rock playlist with many classic long songs~


My 70's playlist with mostly pop/soul hits~


This is my playlist with all the oldies from 50's 60's, mostly traditional pop~


This is my 00's playlist, songs that people born in 90's grew up with~ high school's memories!


and this is my 00's rock playlist!

Here's my Spotify profile link you can check out my playlists. I will follow back 🙂

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