它 Smoke Weed Chill Rap 它

它 Smoke Weed Chill Rap 它


keep calm and listen to rap chill

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This is actually an amazing playlist, I don't know how you hit the exact spot for the mood that weed knocks you in, but you did it! For me, it's a really special area, because it's helped me when I was at my lowest, and still to this day I use it for medical purposes as recommended by my therapist. Either way, I'm saving up at the moment to be able to open my own dispensary in Los Angeles, it's something that I had in mind ever since its legalization at the end of 2016. I'm using a lot of sites like to inform myself about the whole legal procedure at the moment. It would be actually really amazing to have such a playlist playing in the background.


Dispensary music for real, Serious blaze through 420 albums, underground NYC psychedelia - check out The 3G Crew:


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