This Is Epic : Symphonic Metal

This Is Epic : Symphonic Metal




This curated playlist of SYMPHONIC METAL. Symphonic metal “combines the characteristics of this genre, such as heavy drums and guitars, with different elements of classical music including (but not limited to) symphonic instruments, choirs and on occasion, a full symphony orchestra.  


I'll continue to update this playlist ever few months with new tracks I've found.


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32 artists added. No duplicate artists except for a song that's spit into two tracks.


Two new tracks

Easter – Theocracy
The House of Shame – Lacuna Coil


Refreshed with all new tracks.


New Tracks & Remixed

Like Orpheus – Orphaned Land
Fight Your Demons – Epica
Ship Of Doom – Xandria
Unfaithful – Exit Eden
Shot In The Dark – Within Temptation
If Even Angels Fall – The Fall of Eve
Wakeless – End of the Dream
The Coldest Sun – The Autist, Alina Lesnik
Endlessly – Amaranthe
Discord – After Forever
Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) – Eleine
Siege – Psychework
Forge Your Destiny – AfterTime
Invisible – Diabulus in Musica
Halvdan the Black – Leaves' Eyes
At the Edge of Space – Temperance
Battlecry – Abel Vegas, April L. Gibson
Sacred Worlds – Blind Guardian
Lost In Forever – Beyond The Black
Goddess Of The Sea – Sirenia
Here Come the Vultures – Delain
Alga – Ignea
Through the Darkness – Starkill
Shudder Before the Beautiful – Nightwish
Veil Of Elysium – Kamelot
Across The Sea – Sleeping Romance
Aquarium (feat. Charlotte Wessels) – Dark Sarah, Charlotte Wessels
Rain of a Thousand Years – Innerwish
From the Fading Screams - Re-Recorded – Borealis
Catharsis – Noctiferia
The House of Shame – Lacuna Coil
Losing Control – Red


New Tracks Added

Ravenlight – Kamelot
River – Borealis
The Pretender – Starkill
Yezr – Arsafes
In Propaganda – Orphaned Land
The Bee – Amorphis
Of Jupiter and Moons – Temperance
Whisper My Child – Eleine
Beware of the Dragon – Armored Dawn


I just wondered if you like our music as well and in that case consider it for your playlist?

The songs with the most classical instruments of the last release are Voices of the Dead, Paradise on Earth and Spring. We are in studio at the moment for the next album!
All the best,

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