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Top electronic music playlist 2019

Top electronic music playlist 2019


So new year and ofcorse new time for music, this is a big electronic playlist made for all kinds of music lovers here you can explored the moore minimal, tech, techno, and minimal house music but even melodic techno/trance is in there this i har to find on spotify it´s selected and take long time to fix so just enjoy welcome Best Dj Tomsten a part of the community way back;=) Playlist


A travel to time and space and the journey to your inner mind. Experience a sense of euphoria with the music in the center... 🤜🤛 minimaltechno, minimalhouse, techno, house, tech hits, minimal house, Artist>, Deadmau5, lane 8, joachim pastor, julian jeweil, alessandro diga, eli & fure, Dj tomsten

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Hey, could you add my latest Minimal-Techno track to your Playlist ? Would be really nice ! 

Not a submission playlist broo melodic techno
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