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All saved albums now empty

As of today all of my saved albums now just show "There are no songs from this album in your library", hundreds of saved albums are now just blank. Re-saving them makes them come back. What gives? Not wanting to click save on a few hundred albums.

Hey there folks, 


We really appreciate your patience and reports so far.


This should be fixed. Make sure to try a quick reinstall if that doesn't do the trick for you.


However, if you're still having troubles seeing empty albums or a green loading circle, we'd recommend reaching out to our support teams so that they can take a look backstage for you.









My Question or Issue

 My "Your Albums" library gets stuck at the green circle. I have already cleared my cache and uninstalled/reinstalled the app.


I have started having the exact same issues. Contacted Spotify via email. They reset my account. There was a short period of time where my account was free again before the new premium account was verified and all my albums were back and displaying .Soon as it went back to premium I got the green circle again! It doesn't do this if I click on artists or songs, just albums .


Still waiting on sort to see if it can bebe fix 


Ps this happens on my phone and tablet which are Android but works fine on an iPad .Are you having the issue on an Android device? 


Yes, Android. The Spotify Cares account says they are looking into it, it's just very annoyingnrigjt now.


I have the same problem. I have an Android, Galaxy S7.

I uninstalled, installed again. No luck.

This is very annoying. If this problem doensnt get fixed soon I may move to Deezer. It has a lot better app.

The last email I got from Spotify said their tech people were working on it
so hopefully a fix isn't too far away

ok, great! thanks for the reply!



Hi there,


Does the same thing happen on other devices?


Thanks! 🙂


Yup, same thing on ios and pc.


I've had the same thing happen to me starting today.  Plus, it has added many albums that I've never saved before.  When I try to delete, this is the screen that pops up on my phone.  There are no options to delete.