[Android] Audio Effects not available on select devices

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Some Android devices (mainly HTC) don't have the "Audio Effects" Option under "Settings."


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From the original thread:

"We've had some reports of people using some HTC devices with Beats Audio not being able to use the Audio Effects options. I'm collating some information for some reporting. Could you confirm the devices you are using that you are not able to use the Audio Effects option on?


If you're not using a Beats Audio-enabled device, I'd recommend trying a clean installation first, and see if they are available now. If they aren't, could you pop that below too, stating that it's not a Beats Audio enabled device but you're not able to use the Audio Effects option."


August 2014 - This issue appears to also now effect certain LG devices such as the G2 and G3. 




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Hello everyone. Staff here. 


Many of you have been asking about why the Equaliser isn’t available in your Spotify Settings. On Android devices, the setting only links to the Equaliser in your device’s Android settings. If your device’s hardware manufacturer doesn’t have an equaliser, this setting will not show in Spotify. 


Since this is a software choice made by a manufacture, we will mark this thread as “not an issue” and close the topic soon. 


You said you don't want people just reporting that "I have this problem too", but I don't know really what else you expect us to report for this problem?


I have a HTC One X and on that I don't have the "Audio Effects" Option under "Settings."


I also have a Sony Tablet S on on that the "Audio Effects" work just fine.

Same as Steve - doesn't work on my One X, does on my Nexus 7

I 'HAD" audio effects on my samsung galaxy s2, one day i  opened spotify and its gone. (I dont have beats audio)


Even after 2 factory resets, and countless uninstalls and reinstalls it still has not returned..  My toshiba A100 tablet has audio effects.


Why cant i get it back on my samsung?




I have an HTC thunderbolt, and one day I had sound effects available and the next not, so I went to my pc and found them there and made changes.  Now I no longer see them on my pc.  WTH?


Audio Effects does not show up on my HTC One (beats device, just released).  i hope you're able to get this resolved as the Audio Effects greatly enhanced by experience using Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Note.  I'm not sure I'll be able to use spotify on my HTC One without it.  Thanks for your help! Justin


Doesn't work on my HTC One but it does work on my Samsung Galaxy S3. 


Same problem on my HTC One. 

Audio Effects have never shown in any of my HTC devices 
Htc desire HD \ Onex \ Onex+ \ One


Have tried with both rooted and unrooted devices. Diffrent roms and diffrent android versions. 
What every device have had is beats so my guess is that Beats is preventing audio effects from showing ?

Do spotify have a fix on this in near future?


Any update, just got my HTC One today and no Audio Effects option 😞


Has this been fixed yet ?

It seems no reply in case no fixes are available.......

Same goes for the still unresolved problem regarding the switchable AVC ( automatic volume control ) option that MUST be introduced, specially if Spotify is used on mobile devices. I have to fiddle with the volume knob on my car radio because the different tracks all have different volume levels. Not only annoying, but also undesirable when song suddenly blasts if on the move. Despite the option Spotify has built in, it doesn't do its job as it should. In fact, it doesn't work at all. We need a well working AVC such as in use with FM broadcasters. Switchable, so if at home one can listen in HIFI mode where AVC might be undesirable for the best possible sound quality. However, sometimes during a party or as a background source of music, AVC can be very helpfull. I do hope this flaw will at last be fixed.