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Downloaded icon is not being displayed

Hey folks, 


We've received some reports of users being unable to see the green arrow icon for downloads on some of their downloaded songs. However, it does show on the top of the downloaded playlist. The content is still playable with no connection and no impact on the user experience. 


This is under investigation.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Everytime I relaunch spotify on my phone, it redownloads all my songs and the regular spotify songs are downloaded but the local file songs will grey out with the green downloaded symbol.

Spotify app







Samsung Galaxy A04s

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

Problem started recently. Tried reinstalling and inline memory instead of a sd card.


On playlists it shows some tracks are not downloaded.

Storage usage for downloads slightly less than on computer with same list.

On playlist over 5720 songs offline. On Windows app everything is correct, each track has downloaded icon.




Picture from reddit, too tired to redownload again.




I'm having this problem as well if anyone from Spotify can shed light on what's happening. I'm using a Pixel 4a 5g on Android 14, USA, and I've had this playlist downloaded as long as I've had it. The other day I noticed random songs were not downloaded, and despite un and redownloading it they're still not marked as downloaded. I'm hoping this is just a UI glitch and that they are downloaded, just not saying they are.


Hi, how long is your playlist. I noticed it on 5000+ songs list. Perhaps it is playlist track amount related?


I think maybe latest Android app update has made this issue.


Having the same problem. Have 300 GB free space still, so that's not the issue..


I've been facing the same issue for the past few days. I'm using Samsung S10e in India. A lot of songs get skipped when downloading the playlist. I'm not sure if those songs are actually downloaded. When deleting and downloading the playlist again, the number of songs that's shown downloading does not match the number of songs I have in my playlist. Would be nice to know if there is a fix that doesn't ask us to reinstall the app and go through the process again. 


My playlist is much smaller at only ~250 songs, so I don't think size has bearing here. I hope I don't have to rollback to an older version to fix this.


Size has nothing to do. I've got a playlist which contains 25 songs out of which 15 were ignored when downloaded. Uninstalling, clearing cache, clearing data, nothing has worked so far. 

I have a premium account with a playlist of about 800 songs, this playlist is selected to download. In the last month or so, about a fifth of these songs are randomly not downloaded anymore. I haven't changed the download settings.
I've tried to turn the download off and back on again and that did not work.
I also tried individually removing and re-adding these song which didn't work either.

Hi. It seems to be a bug. I started issue thread here.

You might want to add all information in it too.