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Issues with playing tunes outside of Liked Songs or playlists on the desktop app

Hey there,


We're aware of issues with playing songs outside of the Liked Songs collection or playlists.


This is being investigated.

Hey there,


Thank you all for the collective effort aiding this investigation!


We've heard back from our developers and they've asked us to collect some additional logs.


They have shared with us two nightly builds with additional logging capabilities you can install on top of the already installed native desktop app from our website (i.e. not the one from the Microsoft Store: it will not work if you've installed the app from the Microsoft Store).


Please do NOT uninstall Spotify before installing the nightly build - instead, think of it as an update to the current version of the app. We're sorry if this sounds repeated, but we don't want your amazing efforts in helping us narrow down on this issue go to waste.


You can download the nightly build via the links below:


Once you've added the nightly build on top of your existing installation, you can create a log file by following these steps:

  1. Close Spotify and make sure it's not running in the background.
  2. Open Windows' Command Prompt.
  3. Enter the following command in the terminal: "%APPDATA%\Spotify\Spotify.exe" --log-file="C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\Spotify.log" (make sure to include the " " in the beginning as well as in the end).

This will launch the Spotify app and create a log file called Spotify.log on your Desktop. Now try playing some of the tracks you're having issues with so that your actions are recorded in the log file. Give Spotify a minute or two of runtime, then quit the app and share the log file here so we can forward it to the tech folks who are investigating this issue. Please include a rough estimation of what time you played the tracks, as well as your time zone.


If you're unable to attach the log file here in your reply, you can instead upload it to a Cloud service and share the link.


Thank you for your patience and contributions folks. We'll keep you posted here as soon as we have updates on the matter, so stay tuned!


Hi Alex

The songs are not greyed out, they look normal. There are no error messages. The status bar resets to zero, the play button changes to a pause symbol but the progress bar doesn't move, stays at zero and nothing is played. Screenshot attached.

I can then go back to the home page and play a song from some of the playlists, for example I can play the "discover weekly" playlist but if I click on an artist in the playlist that artist's popular songs will then not play as above.

I have restarted the program, logged out, reinstalled umpteen times all to no avail. It's a really poor user experience so far and definitely not "premium".

Spotify no play.jpg

Hey Alex,

I'm currently running spotify version, on a Windows 10 machine.


This 'solution' DID NOT work for me. I am using a VPN, but even when changing server or disabling it entirely (ie, a fresh restart and fresh Spotify install without launching the VPN), the issue persists.

  • I can play any song from any of my playlists
  • I can play any song from any playlist I have access to
  • I can play the songs even if I do so from their original album
  • I CANNOT play any other song that is not on one of my playlists - whether from search, auto-play, or the album itself
  • If I add a song to one of my playlists, it immediately becomes playable
  • If I then remove the song from said playlist, I can still play it UNTIL I close and re-open Spotify, at which point I cannot play it
  • I have no albums saved to my library, only playlists
  • If I add an album to my library, I still cannot play any song in it, unless that song also appears in at least one of my playlists
  • No new applications or system updates were installed between it working and not working
  • Disabling my VPN does not make it work (this would not be a solution even if it did work, requiring me to disable my VPN is unacceptable)
  • Changing server on my VPN does not make it work
  • Reinstalling Spotify does not make it work


This is getting a little ridiculous, it's been three months and I've only been able to play songs from albums/search intermittently on this PC. The ability to play them starts and stops intermittently, with no correlation to anything happening on my PC. It must be a server issue on Spotify's end.

Please un-mark this post as the solution, because it is not a solution in any way. This issue being tagged 'Solved' is very misleading.


Used my PC on an alternate network and still unable to play songs not on playlist.


Windows 10

Spotify for Windows


This issue is not solved--should not be marked as such. We should be able to play songs that are not in a playlist.


Hi everyone,


Thanks for the info you've provided and your feedback.


We know this issue is serious and it's affecting a large number of users. Our tech folks are working on figuring out what might be causing this for the affected users and a fix.





This started several weeks ago:-

I would search for a track, find it and attempt to play it... nothing happened the progress bar would go grey and... nothing.

I am also unable to add these tracks to the queue - it says "added to queue" but when you look at the queue - empty.

The work around I have been using is creating a temporary playlist adding the track to that and then adding it o the queue "et voila" it works. But a very clumsy way to manage.

More info: -

Windows 10 laptop

Solutions tried so far: -

Full clean re-install - no luck.

Having looked around the forums I have come across this fault occurring with people using a VPN but I am not using one.

I have the same problem no matter where I connect to the internet or using mobile data.

I had made no changes to the app I was aware of prior to this fault occurring.

I am now at a bit of a loss.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance Andrew


My Question or Issue

Since the desktop update on Windows, I cannot play choose individual songs to play off of albums, nor can I play an album by clicking the green button at the top. Nothing happens, no matter how many times I click various versions of play buttons, in front of songs, at the top of the album page. If I click play on an individual song while a playlist is playing, my music stops entirely. This only happens in album pages and artist pages. 


This sounds very similar to an issue I have been having for over a month on my work computer. Spotify has basically been broken for a month.


Hi folks!


Could you try liking a song or adding it to one of your playlists directly from the artist/album page to see if it would play then? Feel free to also let us know the troubleshooting you've done so far to avoid repeating the steps. It's worth reinstalling the app by following the steps in this article if you haven't already.


if you're using any VPN services on your laptop, try disabling them temporarily and then restarting the Spotify app.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!