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Playback issues: Songs going silent on Android app

We've received reports from Android users that the progress bar of a song keeps moving but there's no sound coming out. When the app is restarted, the progress bar goes back to the point where the song went silent.


Some users noticed that the issue doesn't occur when the features below are toggled off:

  • Gapless playback - found in Settings > Playback
  • Equalizer - found in Settings > Audio Quality

Hey everyone,


In case you're experiencing this issue, make sure to give it a like and provide the following info (if you haven't already):

  • does the app switch to the next song or is it stuck on the current one (with the timer still counting)?
  • your device's OS version
  • the version of Spotify you're running
  • whether this occurs when playing from the mobile device directly or when connected to another device (Bluetooth, headphones, etc.)
  • the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far

Thanks! We'll pass the info on to our tech folks so they can look further into this. In the meantime, you can try the workaround of disabling Gapless playback and the Equalizer in the app's settings to see if that does the trick for you.


As always, rest assured we'll keep you posted here as soon as we have any new information to share, so Subscribe to the thread to stay tuned!


I have the exact problem with my

Xperia 1 IV. I only use Spotify with a bluetooth headset. It's always when a news song starts playing, never in the middle of one. 

Iam a heavy user of spotify on phone, close to 4 hours a day. Sometimes it takes it up a notch and crashes all sound output, changing bluetooth headsets or to the phones own speakers won't work. Only a restart works for me. (Gapless playback doesn't change anything for me)


Spotify version

Android 14

Xperia 1 IV


I have found a reproducible method of testing.

- Start Spotify on phone

- Empty cache

- Start playlist

- Continue to play for 6 hours

- Music starts to stutter, stops, continues, stops, continues intermittently. Progress bar advances constantly where audio is muted. Phenomenon gets less apparent with screen on, Spotify active (not on background).


Spotify battery management off (full battery), allowed to run in background. Gapless playback off (tested with latter setting on, no difference).

Battery management on makes the issue worse.


For me, the problem seems to be solved.

(I reported it here: )


I did 2 things:

- put gapless playing off

- within the Spotify settings, under Storage, I removed all downloads + cleared the cache.


Hope this helps.


@David_BE This works, temporarily. Your solution is not a permanent fix. When Spotify plays for about 6 hours, the issue is back again.

Yes, you can (temporarily) apply the same fix again. And again.

Gapless on or off is of no influence.

Please share phone type/model, OS type/version, Spotify app revision.


Sorry but I'm not deleting downloads etc to make an app, that I pay for, work.


Just sort it Spotify.

App stops playing music after few songs (sometimes after one). On the screen it looks like it's playing music but then it counts time even after the song is supposed to end. My device is Sony Xperia 10 IV. Issue occurs when automix is on. Reinstalling the app or phone's factory reset did not help.

Same issue occurring for me, only appears on the android app, not reproducible on desktop application.

I'm having it occur whether Bluetooth device connected or not, and also on a restart of the device with all other applications paused and/or suspended, although it only occurs when the screen is locked.


Xperia 5V

Android 14

Spotify Android version


Can we please focus on getting the core functions of the service we pay for working properly before adding more unwanted features or rearranging the UI for the 420th time.


I've been having same problems as  many of others here, with both albums and playlists, playing few tracks fine in the beginning, but then the next track starts without sound. Sometimes the sound would stop after just one track, sometimes after 6-7. Tested with 2 separate Bluetooth headphones (Sony and Jabra), as well as the Bluetooth in my car (Volvo) and all showed same problem. One observation in the car was that it worked much better with the screen on (navigation on) even though it still went silent eventually.


Similar to many here I've re-installed Spotify, as well as played with different settings - gapless, crossfade etc. to no use.


But then I thought that many of the phones here seem to be the ones supporting Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio (many relatively new Sonys, for instance).


So I went and played with 360 settings in my phone.


I have two related apps to that: "360 Reality Audio System" and "360 Reality Audio Settings". These apps aren't listed unless choosing to see system apps (or just search for 360).


Cleared data and cache in both. Left power settings at "Optimized". Restarted the phone.


Haven't had any problems for one week now. Have been listening for 2-3 hours at the time, have even re-activated crossfade and gapless.


Maybe something for others to test as well? If you still experience problems try setting power settings for these two system apps to "Unrestricted".


If you want to know if your phone has/supports Dolby Atmos, you can check in Spotify settings, under

Settings -> Audio Quality -> Equalizer

Phones that don't support Dolby Atmos seem to only have a classical 6 band EQ, otherwise you'll see a page with number of settings for Atmos/360 related features.


Sony Xperia 1 V

Android 14



My phone has no Dolby Atmos or 360. Spotify has the classic equalizer, Pixel 7 pro. So for me not possible to apply this fix 


Also, issue seems to get worse. Or maybe just because I didn't test this yet.Today cycling. Cleared cache before leaving home, logged off, stopped app, restarted, log in. Then I left home.

First 2 hours didn't use music. On turning point I put music on, after 30 minutes starts to stutter. Cleared cache and was okay afterwards.


Tried on two devices ( Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and Windows 10 ) and on both it paused itself after about 30 seconds. However it doesn't say that the song is still going, it fully pauses. I tried on two different accounts ( with and without premium) and both had the same issue. However, on my friends account she says it doesn't happen for her so I'm not sure if this is an internet issue. I also tried with my mobile data and with my wifi, still paused itself.