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Queue disappears and screen goes blank after closing the app on mobile

We're aware of the following issues on mobile devices, when the app is closed while the Shuffle button is on:


 - The queued tracks are disappearing

 - The song screen goes blank

 - The play button is unresponsive

Hey folks,

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for mobile users. Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


For anyone still experiencing this issue in the desktop app, rest assured, we are working on resolving it there as well. In the meantime, please share your OS version and Spotify version in this thread.




Exact same problem here. Started a week or so back. When I get back in my vehicle, it will finish playing my current song. Then it will either freeze with a square where the play/pause symbol used to be (as shown in attached image), or it will restart the playlist/station. REALLY frustrating!


Same problem here, very frustrating.


No Hifi sound and now this... if they don´t fix this as soon as possible i'm moving to another music streaming service...


Same problem here, the playlist is labeled as green as if it were playing but when I go to press the play button, nothing happens


Same issue here

since the last update of the app


It seems to be doing this for me whether shuffle is on or not.


this problem is now happening the windows version of spotify.


Same here , is driving me mad


I am also having this issue. Literally just looked up to see if there was a fix. Simultaneously glad I'm not the only one but annoyed that it's an issue not yet addressed.


For me the queue stops when I close the app using the apple method by swiping up. Then when I go back to Spotify it plays the last song and nothing else. Before it played from the last song and continued the playlist 


Hi @Alex


Device model: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


Exact OS version: Android 13 (not other numbers besides kernel and such)


Spotify app version: Android


When did this start happening: I just got my new S22 Ultra, switching from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and it's happening on the Ultra but it did not happen on the Note.  I've already traded my Note device in so I don't know what version of Spotify it had (It has Android 12 tho), but all I know is that I could listen to my music, and then I could pause it and come back hours upon hours later, even the next day, in the task manager I could close the Spotify app, I could do whatever I wanted and when I came back to opening Spotify up, my current played music would be there and I could press play and it would continue playing my music and then continue on to the next song that was in my queue from the playlist that I selected. My queue never got wiped or **bleep** up, it would just keep playing


Does the queue get wiped if you don't use the app for a few hours or does it get wiped when you close and re-open the app straight away?  On my S22 Ultra, I can close Spotify in the task manager and it wipes the playlist and will only play the song I was last listening to and then there's nothing else in the queue, or if I pause Spotify set my phone down and come back 5 to 10 minutes later, maybe even 3 minutes sometimes, the exact same thing is happening where my queue is wiped and I can only play my current song and then when it tries to play the next song or if I try to go back to the previous song from the playlist I was listening to that was in my queue, there's nothing there and it is wiped and so I have to go back and re-select the playlist and then screw up where I was. This is getting very frustrating and getting me to the point where I'm about to cancel my subscription and just go back to the days of listening to the music on my device because it's pissing me off that much....


Side note: I'm also having the issue on my S22 Ultra (never happened on my Note 10+) where when I get a notification, music will stop playing for a couple seconds as if the notification is trying to play its sound, but my phone is on vibrate 99.9% of the time, so there is no sound to play. The Spotify music is definitely still playing in the background because when it comes back two seconds later I'm 2 seconds ahead in the song and so I missed out on two seconds of the song which is frustrating.  This issue is not as frustrating as the playlist q getting wiped, so I would much rather that get fixed first, and then please fix the issue of the music stop playing which from the forms look like it's been happening since 2020 at the latest, if not earlier than that it's been happening


Update 12/14/2022 9:50 pm CST: Randomly now my queue seems to be holding when I close Spotify from the task manager.  Spotify is having a different issue where it won't reopen, so I just have to go and force close the app, and then I can reopen it after closing it completely in the task manager, and my current song is still there and my queue is still present.  Still testing to see if I leave it for a while and come back, if it will hold on to my queue at that time.  Don't know what changed but this is progress....