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[iOS][Android] Offline album art not showing

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Description: When playing Songs offline that have been made available offline, the album cover art does not display.


How To Reproduce: 


  1. Make any song available offline
  2. Wait for it to finish downloading, and the green arrow to appear confirming it is available offline
  3. Turn on any Internet connectivity
  4. Play the song/s that have been made offline and album art should not appear

Effected: iOS,  iOS 8.1 or later and Spotify 3.7, Android Also has reports of experiencing the bug



Details: Please comment with you Spotify version, OS and whether it is happening only when in offline mode or in online mode as well


Thanks for your help.


on my iPhone 6 with 64 GB and iOS 8.4.1 i and Spotify 3.8 i have the same bug. But its not as you wrote here.

If i turn on any the Internet coonectivity i get a cover but thats exactly the problem, i have extrem mobile Data loss over the day because spotify is loading every cover again and again, without any internet i still have no cover.


i hope you fix this bug quickly, it has sure two months or so since the first time it apears.

Here its the best description to reproduce the bug:





As already reported several weeks ago in this forum and via official Spotify support, the bug still exists in the latest.Spotify version:


iPad Air 2 iOS 8.4 Spotify

Steps to reproduce Bug:
#Sync Playlist for Offline Mode
#Switch Spotify app to offline mode
#OfflinePlaylist can be played and is showing all covers - the small ones in the lower status bar as well as the big ones in the fullscreeen mode and in the lockscreen mode
#Quit Spotify app
#Restart Spotify app
#Offline Playlist can be played but is only showing the small covers. Fullscreen or Lockscreen will only display the generic note symbol.

!!! Warning, this bug will lead to high mobile data consumption since Spotify will reload all big Cover Arts during playback, each time, even with the setting "sync via mobile" disabled !!!

It looks like Spotify is caching the big Album Art Covers in a temporary folder which gets deleted after closing the app.
Spotify should download the big Album Art Covers in a permanent folder if the song is marked for offline availability.


Album Cover art is small in size compared to the music data, maybe 10% additional space wouldsince  be needed on the device.

But the savings would be huge, 1.5GB mobile data, approx. 15€ per month is waisted by using Spotify with mobile connection.


It would even be possible to program one additional slider in the settings, "Download big Album Art Covers ENABlED/DISABLED" for users concearned with device storage space.

Or, choose temporary download automatically for "Normal" syncronisation quality settings, and permanent download for "High" and "Extreme" settings.


Additional bug since 3.8 version: In offline mode, the app will crash after skipping some songs. Maybe 10..20 songs can be skipped, then the app will crash.


Hey there!

I'm having this problem.... Seems Spolity doesnt download the album art
Sorry about the English guys.

It appears that on iOS some people are finding album art is not being displayed for offline tracks, and playlists.


To reproduce:
Sync a playlist as offline and then play the track. No artwork is displayed.

Turn on wifi or 3G.

Additional information:
Model: iPhone 6 64gb with 20gb of music and 17gb of free space AND the iPad Air 32g with 4gb of free space.
iOS version: 8.3 or latest
When on 3G or wifi it works great, but when disable don't show any artwork. Seams the app don't download the artworks when is syncing.
For me every artists/tracks are being affected



Please, everybody experiencing this bug also submit it to official Spotify support team:


Thanks !

The Support dosen't help at all. They even told me to suggest this Bug as a Idea here.

After mails they told me that its my fault and its no bug and they won't do anything about it. So jeah, i'm not gonna write them again. The only hope is this ongoing issue.

Any Updates about this Bug?

The newest Update to 3.90 sadly didn't help!

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Status changed to: Not Right Now

Has happened to me since I've been using Spotify.

Lastly I resetted my iphone as new after upgrading to ios9, reinstalled Spotify and still the same issue...

I have it in Online mode (didn't try offline). It looks like it happens mostly when I have a bad reception (in the tube for example), even if it's a playlist saved offline.

I saw that sometimes, in the app, on the little indication at the bottom of the screen that a song is playing, I can see the little album artwork, but if i click on it for fullscreen or lock the phone, I won't see the album artwork.

Spotify, ios9, iphone6 64Gb.


Has happened to me since the 8.1 updates. Always update when new versions come out and still when i go offline and listen to music most of the album art does not appear. also shuts down on my occasionally when listening at random times.