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[iOS] Spotify on car stereo

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We're collecting information from everyone who is having issues using Spotify for iOS (7) with their car stereo. If this is affecting you please provide as much information as you can.

Additional information:


Apart from any other information you think is helpful, please provide the following, when posting here:

  • iPhone/iPad model
  • WiFi-only or 3G/4G/LTE
  • iOS version
  • Car Stereo model
  • Error message(s), if any



2013-10-30 Thank you all for your great responses.  We have been collecting a lot of feedback and more.




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I have a Prius wagon with the latest version of Entune (2.0?). Whenever I connect with the USB port to my Iphone 5 there are a couple of interesting things that happen:

- starred playlist won't play

- Whenever you play an album or a playlist you can only listen to the first half. The current track/total track display decrements the total track number for each track, it makes me thing that spotify is sending the remianing track information where the stereo is expecting total number of tracks. As a result the stereo thinks the album is over when the total tracks is the same number as the current track.

-The next/prev controls on the car choke when Spotify is connected via usb.


I would use the bluetooth connection (which doesn't have these issue) but the sound is so, so much better through the USB connection.


Since iOS7 my spotify drops out avery couple of minutes. I connect via USB to my Mitsubishi Outlander, It keeps saying 'retry' on the display

I can play music through the Apple Music app no problem, 


Any ideas?

  • iPhone 5
  • LTE
  • iOS7
  • Honda Fit factory Stereo 2012
  • "unsupported" every few mins, plays for awhile then says this. Pandora works fine as does itunes radio. 
  • iphone 5
  • LTE
  • iOS 7
  • 2013 Hyundai Veloster; Dimension sound system
  • iPod error, Please Reconnect device. 

I connect my iphone to the USB cable with the spotify app up and running.  It plays music for a second or two, and the album artwork and information shows up on the touch screed and then I get the error message.


The only other time I had a problem similar to this was when GraceNote was activated in my car. Once I turned the function off it worked fine.  


Iphone 5

WiFi and LTE



I was able to control spotify through my car controls when using it with Bluetooth. But since the new iOS7 came out, I am no longer able to do so. I also can not control spotify through the control center on the iPhone itself. I have to go into the app everytime I want to change a song. 


iPhone 4S


iOS 7

2009 Honda Fit connecting via USB



Just as in iOS 6 upgrade, one thing that usually gets it back is to play a song stored on the iPhone with Music app, then launch Spotify.  This time the fix only seems to work for a couple of songs.

  • iPhone 4s
  • 3G
  • iOS7
  • Honda Accord factory Stereo 2012
  • Flashes "unsupported"

I drive a Kia Rio, 2012. I attach my iphone 4 [Version 7.0 (11A465)] via the usb socket and until I upgraded to IOS 7 all song information was correctly displayed on my radio screen. Since upgrading only about 15 songs display, and the rest - about 1000 songs - display no artist no album, no song on the car radio screen. I deleted my entire playlist and started again but the same problem persists. It's driving me mad!!!

Any help would be mush appreciated.


I have a 2012 Honda Fit. I'm using an iPhone 4s with iOS7. I usually listen in my car via ythe USB input. 


Ever since the upgrade to iOS7, Spotify will play for a little bit, then stop. My car's display will flash "UNSUPPORTED". 


This used to happen from time to time with my phone and the car...but now it's happening so frequently, it's unlistenable. I just switch to the radio or a CD.


It's not just with Spotify. It happens with the Soundcloud apps and with iTunes. But it's much more severe with Spotify.


I hope you guys can work with Honda (and other car companies) to fix this problem! Thank you.





•iPhone 5s/5/4
•iOS 5/6/7
•Scion xD 2012
•Stock Pioneer deck

I have a 2012 scion xD with the stock pioneer deck. Spotify plays fine over bluetooth, but if I try to bring up siri I run into some problems.

The car will recognize that the mic needs to be active and switch to "talking" mode which mutes the music. I then hear the double tone and see the line at the bottom of my iOS screen, which tells me it's time to speak. As soon as I speak, or often before I can, the music resumes and the car leaves "talking" mode. This happens within a second.

This issue has always occurred specifically with spotify (not other ios music apps) since at least ios 6 if not even ios 5.

As of ios 7, there is a new symptom as well. Siri and spotify will "fight" meaning that the music will resume, and then siri will activate, and then the music will resume again. This can happen 5 or 6 times within the course of 20-30 seconds.

The issue also occurs if the phone is connected to bluetooth for calls, but spotify is playing over the dock connector.

A semi workaround that works sometimes is to lock the phone, turn off the stereo or switch to am/fm radio, and THEN activate siri. However, this is still unreliable and too many actions to perform while driving safely.