[BUG] Spotify Connect only shuffles 100 songs

[BUG] Spotify Connect only shuffles 100 songs

When using Spotify Connect, Spotify only shuffles 100 songs of my playlist (containing 800+ songs).


Steps to reproduce: (Perform all steps on Desktop, except opening Spotify - Android app when instructed)

  1. Normal Behavior (Desktop only):
    1. Open Spotify - Android
    2. Open playlist with 500+ songs
    3. Sort by artist
    4. Play first song
    5. Open Play Queue
    6. Toggle shuffle several times, noting "NEXT SONGS" populates with a random sampling of ALL songs in the playlist.
  2. Buggy behavior (Spotify Connect to Android device):
    1. Turn off shuffle
    2. Reopen playlist
    3. Play first song
    4. Open Play Queue
    5. (On phone) Open Spotify - Android
    6. Connect to device: Android
    7. Toggle shuffle several times, noting "NEXT SONGS" populates with a random sampling of ONLY THE FIRST 100 SONGS.

Spotify for Windows:

Spotify Android App:

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Completely agree. I can deal with a poor shuffling algorithm (begrudgingly), so long as the shuffle at least uses all the selected songs in their algorithm and does not repeat the same song. I don't care about repeating artists or any other stuff that they claim their algorithm does.


I can only assume that this is a memory limitation on Android or with the Connect feature. 


What I do to get around this is to manually shuffle the songs by copying the songs (ctrl-c) and pasting them into a "text shuffler" such as this one: 




Then I delete the songs from the playlist and paste the output from the shuffler back into the playlist. This will randomize the playlist, so you can play it without shuffling it, giving the same result. 


This is painful and you cannot paste more than 800 songs at a time without Spotify desktop crashing, so my 3000 song playlist takes me 5-10 minutes to manually shuffle.


We should not need to do a workaround for something as fundamental as a shuffle.


Spotify should just ahve a setting that the user can change to say how many songs should be shuffled at a time. This can be defaulted to 100, but users can increase this to, say 10000, based on the device the shuffle is playing on.

This happens to me with Mac and iOS too. I was able to reproduce it too until I just updated my Spotify on the Mac to No idea if they actually fixed it. This has been annoying me for months.


My devices:

Main computer that the music will come out of: Mac with Spotify

My laptop: Windows with Spotify

My Phone: Apple iPhone 6 Plus with Spotify

This is definitely not fixed. I have had it happen multiple times with running music on the Mac and trying to control it on my Windows PC.


It happens when playing from a playlist of 1000 odd songs. When I shuffle the list it just seems to shufffle songs from artists that start with A or B.

I also appear to have this problem when shuffling on my Yamaha CRX-N470D.

Ok, what might help is copying all the songs to another playlist...

I have same issue, here are the results of my investigation:



There is a limit to the length of a playlist when using connect.  If the playlist is about 100 songs long then the playlist plays correctly, but if the playlist is over 100 songs then the playlist is restricted to playing only the first 100 songs.


Details of the test:

–Android 5.1.1 phone, running Spotify arm V7.  The phone has 1 GB available out of 8 GB storage on the main storage device and 30 GB available out of 60 GB storage on the secondary storage device.


-Windows 10 PC, running Spotify

  • I am using my phone as a remote to control the PC app:

-I perform two tests:


Test 1:

–Log into cs_test_1 on both my phone and PC

–On my phone, in settings I ensure Spotify app is online

–Next I connect my phone Spotify app to the PC

–Using the phone as a remote, I navigate to “My library”>Playlist “A”

–Navigate through Playlist “A” to Track “200”

–Play Track “200”

–I ensure Random mode is turned off (random is always off)

–While track “200” is playing, I navigate to the play queue:

  • The next songs in the queue should be song 201, 202, 203….; however, the next songs are song 1, 2, 3…..

Indeed, after song 200 finishes playing, then song 1 begins playing


Test 2:

–Navigate through Playlist “A” to Track “50”

–Play Track “50”

–I ensure Random mode is turned off (random is always off)

–While track “50” is playing, I navigate to the play queue:

The next songs in the queue should be song 51, 52, 53….; and in fact the next songs are song 51, 52, 53…..



Spotify Connect effectively limits playlists to the first 100 songs, no matter how big the playlist is.  This is a known issue.  Spotify labels the idea to increase the playlist size, "Not Right Now".  See link here:  Go to this link and add your vote to increase the playlist size.




It's so sad what Spotify are doing to their own product. They have all these great features and they keep screwing them up. Some of the other weird changes that has been done lately is probably due to push from the big 4 labels but this one I really don't get.


Regarding the idea, haha, "not right now" without as much as a line of text to explain the reasoning is just ... meh. 😕


edit: oooh, the comments are _that_ far down ... doh. Still, it's a lame status for something that should be a simple fix.

I can reproduce bug too. A lot of songs of my stars list (list of 400+ songs) are unavailable to listen because of that fact and other ones - player gets always a predictible range of list for my user. For example, when I sort list by "title" column and select first song from list, queue is shuffled from numbers to max "D" character with some exceptions. Weirdest thing is that I asked my friend to do that and range wasn't the same, but "100 songs" problem is 100% reproductive and in connection with second problem I mentioned situation is problematic for me. I was thinking, that when I will uncheck "repeat" button and click "next" button X times I will see another songs in queue, but what I saw, was end of queue. Depending on selected "playing raidio of playlist after end of playlist" - radio of playlist was played or player stoped playing anything. I would be greatful if could be possible to do something with that :).

This isn't fixed yet?

I have the same big when playing a large playlist on my Google audiocast from my android phone. I have a playlist of about 3000 songs. When I start the playlist and shuffle, only the top 100 songs are used by Spotify. 


When I shuffle in Spotify when my phone is not connected to the audiocast, it will shuffle correctly. Connecting again to the audiocast it will limit the shuffle to 100 songs again, but now from the selected song (e.g. songs 2000 to 2100 are shuffled now)

This still isn't fixed! If you're finding this, please comment and vote on this post to hopefully get spotify's attention.

So... this still isn't fixed?

Same issue still occuring here in 2018. 2 Years, and no fix. God's Speed everyone!

I'm having this issue as well when using Alexa and/or a wireless connection to a speaker. Only the first 100 songs or so get loaded into the queue. I never hear the other 2,900 songs in my master playlist. Pretty frustrating. 

Today would be a good day for Spotify to fix this issue.


This issue is still not fixed, as it happens when I play on Spotify Connect (NAD BluOS) from my iPhone or MacBook. Just to test it, the same issue occurs when playing from iPhone on MacBook and vice versa. So it seems like Spotify is limited to use only the first 100 lines from any playlist. I was in contact with NAD Bluesound support, who could tell me the playlist isn't transferred, but is still handled locally by the  mobile/computer when playing on a remote device.

If so, why limit the playlist selection?

Today would be a good day for Spotify to fix this issue.

Yeah it would be nice if this gets fixed. I still have the same problem when playing music on an audiocast. It only shuffles through 100 songs of a 3000 song playlist. 

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