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Casting to google home. Song skips. No audio

Casting to google home. Song skips. No audio






(iPhone 11 Samsung s20 FE.)


My Question or Issue

When I ask google to play a song. Generally plays 1 second or two of song. Then skips 4 or 5 in okay list and plays. Sometimes says it is still playing but no audio. Showing this on phone app of Spotify.

Seems to work fine when I cast to Nvidia shield just my google home and home mini having issues.

I have reset google home mini. Re added to network. I have also uninstalled and installed the Spotify app. But seems to be an issue for me and my wife on seperate phones. Operating systems as well.


Amy help is appreciated.

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Hey @Morinr,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this.


We'd recommend you perform a factory reset on your smart speakers. You can also try to do a clean reinstall of the Google home app on your phones, this includes deleting all app data and cache from the app settings. 


If the issue continues after that, try creating a mobile hotspot from your phone and connect both your phone and the Google home speaker to the new network and try to play something. This way you can test if the issue is network related.


Keep us posted on how you get on.


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Hi again,

We tried the first two solutions and they didn’t solve the problem.

But when we tried connecting to a different network, it did solve the problem. Now that we know it seems to be a network issue...any suggestions for next steps?


Hey there @Morinr


Thanks for getting back to us.


In this case, we suggest that you restart your router by unplugging it from power for a couple of minutes. This may sound simple, but it often works with many different connectivity issues.


If it doesn't make any difference, we'd recommend getting in touch with your internet service provider for further info about what might be causing this.


Let us know how it goes. 

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Hi @Eni tried hard reset of router when talking to ISP. But still not resolved. Just tried casting from phone and skipped first song after playing 2 seconds.

Hey @Morinr,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


You can try unlinking and linking again your Spotify account to your Google Home by following the steps in this article.


If the issue persists, since this seems to be isolated to the network, what we suggest is to keep in touch with your ISP to further check what might be affecting this.


We'll be right here in case you have any questions.


Take care!

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What should I specify to ISP that the issue could be? When I talked last we just did a factory reset which didn't. Solve the issue.

Hi @Morinr,


Thank you or your reply.


We suggest that you explain the problem in detail. The ISP support can probably help to see where exactly the problem is and what causes it.


Let us know how everything, and if you have any questions we're always one reply away.


Take care!

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You simply need to be aware of how shit Spotify is on google cast. There is no way that 2 multi-billion dollar companies are unaware. Figure it out

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