DENON CEOL: Poor Spotify Integration

DENON CEOL: Poor Spotify Integration


Denon CEOL misses one of Spotify's best features: "Artist Radio".

DENON Remote Player on IPAD is poor in features and often hangs.

Ideally, would like Spotify interface on IPAD with output do Denon CEOL as it has a very good sound.


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Spotify radio is not available on any partner devices, since it is missing from the Spotify API. There are numerous topics about bringing that functionality into the API, mainly about Sonos but any chance would effect all of the partner services, topics such as this one on the Ideas Exchange. 


The Remote Player application and the software which implements the Spotify API on partner devices are not made by Spotify, but by the partner company instead. 



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Hi Peter,


I hope you can help me out.


I have a problem with my Denon CEOL N-8 and Spotify. 


After about 1 minute, Spotify stops playing and starts up again. This happens all the time. It can't have to do with the internet connection, because internet radio just works fine. 


This is quite an anoying problem, and I'm hoping you have a solution. If you go to this link and scroll down, you'll see that another person also has this issue (erosness):


I'm looking forward to your reply. Please let me know if you need any more information.





I also started encountering the same problem after I upgraded my Denon to the latest firmware. I am still looking to solve this problem. Otherwise, I'll just probably cancel my Spotify premium subscription.

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