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Denon 2113 always registration

Denon 2113 always registration

Hello People,

I have an issue with my receiver Denon 2113 and spotify. Every time i start spotify, I have to enter my login credentials an accept their terms. Is there a way to save those?


btw: i have a premium account.


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I need help...

How registration my Denon AV-Receiver in Spotify?


btw.. ok i found the link to registration my device. I haven´t a E-Mail includes access information. How long wait?

Can somebody help me?



nothing.. no answer... come on!!!!!!!





Hey 🙂


Its strange that no one has replied to this! 

I would suggest you drop the Spotify team a message using the online contact form as they will be able to give you official support.



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I have the same problem on my AVR 3313


Mvh r1t



Experiencing the same problem with my Denon CEOL Piccolo.

This really sucks: I  have the same problem with my brand new Denon CEOL Piccolo.

Please fix this!

I opened a case with Spotify regarding this issue, and this is the answer I got:


"As they developed the app without our assistance, we're not able to troubleshoot anything other than basic issues with it. That means Denon customer support are in the best position to help you.

Here's a link to a list of their contact channels:

Don't forget to let them know that you're not seeing the same 'getting started/EULA' screen on any other device."


I have contacted the Denon representatives in Sweden as well (HiFi-klubben), and they told me that this was a known issue and an update is on it's way. This was almost a month ago now, still no update. 😞


Ok, thank you very much.


I will try to contact the german sales representatives and ask for a solution

currently i am in contact with the german ppl, they were able to reproduce some of the issues

I contacted the representatives in Sweden yesterday as well, asking why the update was still not available. The reply I got was that I should return my unit since there may be some hardware error. Apparently what they told me regarding the update was wrong. They said the memory in the unit may be faulty. Since all other settings are preserved, I doubt it, but I guess the best option is to let them take a look for themselfs.


I tried your workaround yesterday but I couldn't get it to work. Would it be possible for you to post your video on youtube or some similar site? 🙂



Ok, i tested with ~8 accounts, 2 are not working, i created 4 by myself, 1 came from spotify support, 2 from denon.


It seems to be a problem with the account. If your spotify doesnt stop playing while starting playback on another device: this happend with the account, that is not usable with spotify.


so i created a new 30 days trial account, and not it works, we will see how long it will work.

same sh*t with Ceol Piccolo, or worse should I say :

IMPOSSIBLE to see something else than steps 1/2/3/4 (initialisation/connection/verying/blablah) WHATEVER I choose, so I can't even log out/log in, this is insane...

As for the contact list above, France isn't even on it, great.

and while we have a "club denon" here, it asks for your material serial number...which isn't even recognised...


At that point I don't know if I should cry or laugh...

Hm, thats not the same problem i had with my ceol, because i could use spotify after step 4 but i had to avoid switching to internet radio or something.


For me: Switching to a new account worked, but as described above: i tested with various new accounts and not every new account worked.

I experience the same problem (have to login and enter username/password every time) with my Denon CEOL NCD-7 (Same as Piccolo but with a CD-tray as well).


Extremely annoying, bought it today and for me it's a huge deal since Spotify will be used very often. 

did you try a new created account? You can use the 30 days premium trial

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