Desktop app does not scrobble local files to

Desktop app does not scrobble local files to


Premium Plan, from UK


Spotify version:

Device: Mac OS 10.14.6 (18G84)


I've seen this subject listed before two years ago which appears to have been fixed, however this appears to be a problem on a subsequent Spotify version hence this new message

Scrobbling continues to be fine with streamed Spotify music


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Have tried turning it on and back off again?  j/k  I noticed I wasn't scrobbling anything from this morning (local, stream, desktop or iOS app).  Did the reset thing and seems to be working.


To reset the app link, both in your Spotify Account (Remove Access) and the account (Disconnect the Spotify Scrobbling).  Once that is done, reconnect using the settings.  I usually make sure Spotify is closed on all devices too.  There maybe better directions in the message archives so search if there is continued issues.

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