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Google home is not Seen by Spotify

Google home is not Seen by Spotify




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Macbook air iphone 7 google home mini google home standard



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Hi, Both my Google home ( Mini and Standard ) is not seen by Spotify app on my mac. On my iphone, I see only my mini. 


The weird part is if i'm asking ok google play spotify they will appear in my app on. my mac and on my iPhone ...


But my goal is to send music to my google home from my mac not to have to ask google every time then select a playlist on my mac





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Hey @thib5.


Just to confirm, are both your Mac and speakers connected to the same WiFi signal? If your Mac is connected via cable, it's not considered the same network, so it won't show the speakers as an available device.


Keep us posted.

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Both ar on the same wifi ...

Hey @thib5.


Thanks for letting us know. Make sure you have the latest update on your devices, if possible, a clean reinstall with these steps should help. 


Let us know how it goes!

I believe this has to do with how spotify is still not able to show Chromecast devices (because that is basically what a GHome is), there has been an ideas post for a little while at [Connect] Show Chromecast on Desktop's Device List.

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