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Lyrics not showing

Lyrics not showing






iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 15.0.2



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Apparently everyone in the world got the lyrics with the update. Expect me. How do I fix this ? Or rather how will YOU fix this ?! Emptied the cache about 25 times and deleted/redownloaded the app and rebooted my phone that many times. Pretty sure the problem here is Spotify. Not even on my PC does your "update" shows up, and yet my roommate has the lyrics feature working just fine. What is this ? Seems like there's always problems with Spotify.


Edit : I meant except me. But also expect me. I'm not happy about this.

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iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 13.3


My Question or Issue

The lyrics on my Spotify isn’t working. Tried to reinstall it, but it’s still not working. 

Hey there @Ivenanathania08


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here! 

Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstall instead of the regular one? We recommend this step as it'll remove the old drivers first and then install the new ones. It'll also get you the latest version of Spotify. These changes tend to solve issues like the one you're experiencing.


Give your device a quick restart as well before you open the newly installed app.


Do you mind sending us a video recording showing the behavior you describe? Just attach the video to your next response to us. This way we can take a closer look at the issue. 

We'll look out for your reply.

It’s still not working. I already tried to reinstall it and restart my
phone ( just like the instructions that you gave me )



It’s still not working. Here are the photo (cause I can’t upload the video). With the same song, i tried it in my sister’s Spotify and she has the lyrics for that song

I Still haven't got this new lyrics feature... I have premium account with Samsung Note 8, and i live in Lebanon.

Or this feature haven't been released in my region yet?

Same 😞 

I am having the same issue, he gets the lyrics on him phone but I don’t for the same song we downloaded.

Not working



My Spotify had the same problem (iPhone 7). I've tried many reinstalling and etc but still doesn't work. My brother's iPhone (iPhone 10) have the lyrics, so i try login in his iPhone and the lyric doesn't appear. I ask him to login using his account in my phone and the lyric appeared. Then i tried login again using my account and suddenly the lyrics appears.


So try using someone's account that his/her phone has the lyrics, then try login using your account again.

I tried doing this, and at first it worked but the next day it just stopped again. I retried it but now it won’t show the lyrics on my phone even if I log In with my dads account (which the lyrics work on his phone). (Both mine and my dad’s phones are iPhone7). Please help 

I have the same problem. Log in with another another account and the lyrics are shown. Then log in into my personal account and cant see any lyrics

Hello Ivan


I tried the solution you post but still not working. I cant see any lyrics. Just for try I log in with another account And the lyrics were shown, then log out, log in with my personal account but still have no lyrics. 

Same thing here. I created a new account and the lyrics function appeared but when i logged out and logged in my account it didn’t work.

Now, i tried logging back in the new account and it doesn’t appear either. 

Yeah, same issue.

Hey @salwahanee,


Thank you for letting us know about this.


This is one of our new features that we’re trying out. We always test possible improvements, so you might not see something your friends do. We appreciate your feedback and we'll make sure your voice is heard.


We're always one reply away if you need us 🙂



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Lyrics have officially rolled out in at least 25 markets but without knowing the countries of the posters it’s not possible to say if they should have lyrics or not. 

Yess! this worked thank you so muchhh

Hi, when is this feature going to be available in all devices? I’m eager to try it but it won’t work in my account (IPhone 11).  

Thanks for the help 😞 


Hey there @tomasboada1,


Thank you for your post.


In this case we recommend you to log out and in two times to see if that fixes the issue.


Also - would you mind letting us know which Spotify version you have?


Keep us posted. We'll have an eye out for your reply 🙂



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