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Lyrics not showing

Lyrics not showing






iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 15.0.2



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Apparently everyone in the world got the lyrics with the update. Expect me. How do I fix this ? Or rather how will YOU fix this ?! Emptied the cache about 25 times and deleted/redownloaded the app and rebooted my phone that many times. Pretty sure the problem here is Spotify. Not even on my PC does your "update" shows up, and yet my roommate has the lyrics feature working just fine. What is this ? Seems like there's always problems with Spotify.


Edit : I meant except me. But also expect me. I'm not happy about this.

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Try deleting the app and then reinstalling it, it worked for me

The text from the song lyrics appear very small on iOS compared to the software update prior to this one from the week of August 21.  What should I do?

I tried that and it did not work.

Still no luck in getting the lyrics to appear at regular fonts.

It is still too small for me to read.  What can be done to fix it using iPhone XR?

i’m having the same issue 

My account is also not showing lyrics.  Samsung A13 family premium 




edit: it has now been fixed for desktop. My android phone still doesn't show the lyrics.

Hi this is a strange one. I've seen this on my Linux desktop and on my Android phone.


Lyrics in general work for me. But for some reason Carly Rae Jepsen's The Loneliest Time doesn't appear to have lyrics yet when on my own "lyrics view" on desktop I can find a song with lyrics then jump back to the song in question and see its lyrics.

Here are two files for comparison. Note the microphone icon is not visible for "The Loneliest Time".


I have a premium subscription yet since the new update, I am unable to add full albums to playlists. Also, adding a song to liked songs used to be a one step process now it is 2.

Lyrics don't show and I have tried almost everything you all suggest. It's kind of frustrating, but when I go to help I only find dictionary questions, Where do I open a ticket to reach your support team and help on this topic?. 

..."please reach out to our support team" . How do I open a ticket or reach out your support team?.

Thank you.

None of the suggestions Worked for me. I damaged my phone and got a new one, same brand same operating system same everything. I used smart switch to copy everything to the new phone to but the lyrics stopped working. After trying many suggestions the only thing that worked was to explicitly download musixmatch from the playstore and reboot the phone. Once I did that, voilà, the lyrics were back. G21 Ultra

I am also not able to see lyrics and "recently played songs at the top next to the two filters of podcasts and music

For people in android, try this:

Go to settings and go all the way down to the "storage" option. Click it and then change it to "device storage". 

Hope this helps others as it did for me.

I have the same issue. 

Me too😭

Lyrics were working for NOFX (Punk in Drublic) just 1/2 hour ago. Now it's not working anymore, just showing really stupid messages "You caught us, still working on getting lyrics for that one". Downloaded latest version just now, reinstalled, logged out logged in, nothing works. Really bad app. Glad I'm in Vietnam and the price for this crappy Spotify app is lower than in the West. Still a waste of money. Spotify is so bad, it's crazy. And no support. I signed up because of the stupid Netflix movie, but the first three songs I wanted to listen to they didn't even have (for example "Beached" the Leonardo di Caprio song, and "King Crimson", the entire album not on Spotify, what a joke!!! And now lyrics are not working for NOFX.

can you please fix my lyrics, they aren’t showing. please and thank you.

I do not have lyrics and would really like them if someway you could make that happen would be much appreciated.

Can't see lyrics on my A13 5G even after updating and re-installing. I'm have a duo plan, works fine on my PC.

example is mirrored sea by passion pit
but every song i normally use this feature for is showing couldnt load the lyrics for this song try again later.
Have logged in and out multiple times, have reinstalled from latest desktop installer

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