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Nightwish music only partially available

Nightwish music only partially available

The official "Nightwish" playlist (See ) contains more music then I can play. Most notably, I cannot play the fantastic "Wishmaster" album. Why is this not available to me? As it is on the playlist, it should be on spotify, right?

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Hey there.


Let's start with some fun. I live in Finland and I really know Nightwish. It's from here. I can play almost all from Nightwish here. Even song Sleeping Sun. Great one, really!


But sadly music is licensed from place to place and there will be always places where some track is not available. It is in playlists, because it is avaialble somewhere else, but it can't be played on your end.


Reasons many, sometimes they can't find distributor or don't want to release on your country. You can find on your Spotify tracks that are released to your country, most of them are global.


Have a nice day!

I also would like to mention that early, till 2004 year, Nightwish albums are not available in US. This is very sad, because albums like Oceanborn and Wishmaster are essential not only for Nightwish, but for all genere. I'd like to know if Spotify going to resolve this problem. Also I want mention that all Nightwish albums are available in AppleMusic and Tidal in US, and only in Spotify they are missing. 

Wishmaster is missing in EU at moment, UK at least.


It's on Groove and Google Paly Music. I'll be cancelling by 08/09/17 if it's not restored. Starting to think Groove has substantially more content.

Wishmaster now available in Germany.

All Nightwish studio albums that Tarja was involved in are unavailable in the U.S. still. The "End of an Era" live album is the only one with Tarja available.

And yet somehow we have finally got the whole belated Def Leppard catalogue. I'm not sure Spotify are at fault, I think it's more likely Nuclear Blast or just the likes of anti-competitive behaviour from Apple Music or some such.

Any news on this? I find it ridicolous that there's a "Wishmaster (UK Edition)" album and yet it is unavailable in the UK!

Dark Passion Play and Endless forms most beautiful are gone too now 😞 (i live in the Netherlands)

Sadly In Poland as well 😞

Currently no studio albums after Once (2004)

I've cancelled tbh. Too many albums across too many artists dropping off and making a mess of playlists. Worse than Apple Music.

Is there at least some way to be able to know when the albums are being added back (That is if they are being added back in the first place) as it is incredibly frustrating having some of my favourite albums of all time being removed for seemingly no reason.

Mentioned this in other topics, but Nuclear Blast is revising their distributors. Too lazy to quote the mail they sent me again, but give it a few days.

Showtime, Storytime and Endless Forms missing in Hungary. one or  two Blind Guardian albums too...

If you aswell report it to spotify they can report it to the rights folks

Same thing in Switzerland.. I can't find anything before 2005 when Tarja was still in the band (except Angels Fall First).


Can we have an official reply from Spotify?

I had 3 songs from "Showtime, Storytime" on my top list on Wrapped 2017.


Now the album, and many others are gone.


Is Nuclear Blast going to make them available again? Is it temporary "working on a new deal" or they just decide to withdraw it permanently?

I'm from Brazil and can't play Wishmaster as well... this sucks... 😞

Totally agree, some of thier awosme albums and songs (before 2011), I found this album while search (once - 2004) which have only 3 out 11 songs!


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