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Playlist display order not working on BMW Connected Drive

Playlist display order not working on BMW Connected Drive


Plan - Premium

Country - France


Device - API BMW Connected Drive

Operating System


My Question or Issue

The personalized display order of playlists is not reproduced via the Spotify API on the BMW Connected Drive. This display order is correctly displayed by the Carplay function. Have you already encountered the problem? Thanks for the feedback

Picture 1 = CarPlay Picture 2 = API Spotify

IMG_1212 Carplay 02.jpg
IMG_1214 API 02.jpg
3 Replies

Hi there,


I've faced a similar issue with the playlist order. Here's a workaround that might help:


Reorder Playlists in Spotify App:

  • Go to your Spotify app on your phone or computer.
  • Manually reorder your playlists in the order you want them to appear.
  • Save the changes and ensure the app syncs properly.

Delete and Re-add Spotify Account on BMW:

  • In your BMW Connected Drive settings, remove your Spotify account.
  • Re-add your Spotify account. This can sometimes force a refresh and correct the order.

Use a Different Playlist Folder:

  • Create a new folder in Spotify and move the playlists into this folder.
  • Sometimes, a fresh folder can trigger the correct order display.

Check Spotify Settings in BMW:

  • In the BMW interface, go to the Spotify settings and look for any options related to playlist sorting or display order. Adjust these settings if available.

Alternative Connection Method:

  • If possible, try using a different connection method like Bluetooth instead of the Spotify API. This might display the order correctly as a temporary solution.

Hope this helps!

Hello and thank you for your feedback,
I'll try the different manipulations and I'll get back to you
Best regards

Hello, and thank you for your help.
On point 1: Reorganization of manual lists.
No effect
On point 2:
After deleting and recreating the account
No effect
On point 3:
Creating a new list and synchronizing
No effect
On point 4:
Unable to change settings on BMW interface
On point 5:
It's already a Bluetooth connection, so no effect.
Thanks for the help
Best regards

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