Playlist’s Title, Cover Art, and Description keep getting removed

Playlist’s Title, Cover Art, and Description keep getting removed



The thread below is closed but I am having the same issue everyone else there was having:

Get me in touch with someone who can help me with this and please do not tell me to reach out to some other customer service channel.

I have started gaining more followers on a couple of my playlists over the last several months and now they are continually being wrongfully reported. I keep getting emails from Spotify saying I am breaking Terms Of Service and immediately my cover image, playlist title, and description are taken down.


This has happened over and over again, even when uploading new cover photos and changing the playlist names & descriptions. I've reached out to support over messenger 3 times and they've been no help, saying I need to email support@ to solve this. That would be fine except for the fact that I've sent 6 emails to support over the last month and no one has replied!! I even reached out on Twitter and again, no response. Spotify's customer service has been one of the worst I've ever dealt with, which is really surprising and a shame.


These are the 2 playlists currently being targeted (but it has happened to others in the past). There really needs to be a vetting process for these reports as it causes massive headaches for those of us who are affected.

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(iOS 13.7, Mac os high Sierra.)


My Question or Issue

For the last half year Spotify is deleting the name of a playlist of mine (90+ followers). Every time I change the name it takes a couple of hour or so when it just gets deleted again. Just blank, no name...


I always get the same mail that saying:s

"We’ve received notice that an image and/or description on one of your playlist  has been reported as including inappropriate or offensive content and violates our Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines. Therefore, we’ve removed the image and/or description from the playlist on Spotify."


The say you have to respond to the mail if there was an error. After answering a dozen of those mails with no answer I tried the facebook help chat where I get no responds.


It is very frustrating and I'm obvious not the only one with the problem. I found similar threads. Can Spotify do something about this!! Or just make it possible to get a help from a human being not a bot.I



I just got through on the help desk chat and talked with a real human. They said they can't help me and the only option is to reply to the email...

this is not helpful, but this happened to me too, thats why im on here trying to find a solution. Good luck

Sorry to hear that. Don't get your hopes up - I wrote this over 3 weeks ago and still no reply from Spotify. And as you saw in my initial post, I've reached out to every other customer service channel possible which has also been no help whatsoever. 

Hey folks!


Welcome to the Spotify Community and sorry for the late response as we just came across this thread.


We're sorry to hear this is happening to you. We currently have an idea set as "Live idea" here. Feel free to add your +Vote and subscribe to it! Any changes or updates will be posted in that thread.


If you're interested in how ideas work and how your feedback reaches the right teams here, check this page out.


In case you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

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Thanks for the reply OscarDC. I read through the live idea url you provided and it looks like the last official update is over a year old and hundreds of people are still dealing with the same thing I am, which I'm assuming means nothing has been done to fix this issue.

While reading through all the comments, apparently some people have been lucky enough to actually make it through to someone who can help them, and in turn have had their account protected from false or abusive reporting. Can you please get in touch with whoever you need to so that my account can be protected too? I have had to put up with this targeted harassment for way too long due to Spotify's lack of customer service and quality control. 

I have the same issue. I have a playlist with over 15000 followers and my images keep getting flagged and the title, info and image removed no matter whether it's a pic I took of a flower in my garden or what. Customer service was rude and unhelpful and wouldn't even send me a link of any parameters I should follow when uploading an image to get it to be approved. I think it may be a malicious person flagging my playlist as innappropriate repeatedly to sabbotage it. Spotify has been unhelpful about this.






My Question or Issue

I got an email saying my playlist had been taken down. Below is the text of the emails:



We have found the following content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. Please see our Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.




The big question is: What is it about? What was the violation and why am I allegedly in breach of Spotify's Terms and Conditions of Use?


I've been using Spotify on the Premium plan for a while, and that's just now (and with my biggest playlist). It lost its name and photo. My playlist has become quite large in the category it is in, so I have strong suspicions that the takedown is due to malicious reports.


I humbly and kindly ask for an explanation of what happened and why it happened and a solution.




Hey @Kidinnu,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


As much as we want to help, we wont be able to, because we don't have the tools to find out the reason for the reports.


Could you maybe try contacting a customer support representative? We can't promise it'll help with this particular request, but it's worth a try. Here is how to do that. 



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I already reached out to support through chat. Same answer, they can't do nothing. Seems like the only viable option is to spam support via email each time there's a strike (according to this article). This post also covers some other options like using custom made python scripts.


Thank you for your reply @Dian, I know this is not up to you.

I have the same issue. When I spoke with a human, they said they couldn’t help and ended the chat. 

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