Roku App - Accessing playlist

Roku App - Accessing playlist


I can't seem to access my playlists anymore on the Roku app. And it's currently playing some random 90s pplaylist and I can't seem to get it to stop playing that random playlist because I can't see my other playlists. Any ideas?

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All my playlists are gone too. How can this app suck so bad?


Hey @jjtjp,


I don't know anything about the Roku App, but if you deleted your playlists by accident you can recover them on the Spotify website. Are your playlists still available on the desktop/mobile version?


Here an easy explanation how to recover deleted plalists:

Recover Playlist.jpg



Good luck! 🙂



Just search "Spotify Roku" on Twitter. You'll see many people reporting the
same. Thanks for the suggestion tho.


Thanks for this. I don't use social media, so I never even think to look at Twitter ^_^


I would also like info on this I use this app on my roku tv really often. I miss my playlists!


The problem is other, Roku  eliminates de playlists in Roku recently. Problems between the two companies (Roku and Spotify). Of course, y cancel my membership because I listen my music overnight with Roku using my Samsung TV in Monitor off. 


Hey @robustly23 @eddiepadre @carobiscuit @jjtjp


An update from Spotify has been posted here:


"Due to various technical challenges, the Playlists feature has been removed from the Roku Spotify app.


We do understand your concerns and are working with Roku on how best to move forward with this app. In the meantime, you can search for and play artists, songs and albums, and your playlists are always available on your other devices with our desktop and mobile apps.

There are other ways to listen to Spotify on your TV too. Check out our guide at"

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Not good luck friend, Spotyfy eliminates playlists in Roku app recently. Bad notice. 


Recently Roku or Spotify or Spotify or Roku eliminates de Playlists in the Roku Streaming Player. Problems with the manage of the software with the playlists. Of course In my case I do not like this. I listen Spotify via Roku in the night for sleep with music using my Samsung TV with Picture off and use for audio only. Very bad for me this decision. 


why cant we get a fix on this?

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