Roku search no longer working


Roku search no longer working


When I search in the Spotify channel on my Roku I get a Error searching (code 16.1) message. I've restarted the device and unintalled and reinstalled the channel to no avail. Any thoughts? thanks.


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Hey everyone,


This issue is currently under investigation.


Please go here to comment and see updates:

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Looks like it's just submitting what you type. Like if I type letter "t", it'll search for "t" which probably won't return anything and throw up the error. If you keep typing and form a word that returns something like "the green ", then you'll see results. This is terrible looks like something change in the latest release. API maybe?


Same issue here. Super annoying! Support, can you please fix this?

Nope. That doesn't work, it won't allow that and it won't search even after it's entered.


I'm having the same issue.  the 16.1 code. streaming through ROKU.

I've been a subscriber for 3+ years and if this isn't resolved within the next week it's goodbye Spotify

Same issue here. This is extremely frustrating. Thus needs to be fixed ASAP.


me too howdo you get help?


same issue here.


Error searching. (code16.1)


Same here, really annoying trying to search for anything.


Time to get  a lawyer for class action law suit, we are paying for something that does not work, they may well be thjousands of others.


I'm having the same problem and don't have a solution, BUT I'm fairly certain that Spotify doesn't have anything to do with the Roku app. So before you go through with your threat of canceling, maybe you can get into contact with roku first?

This is a terrible channel. I wish Spotify would take it over and fix it. The only reason I started doing premium was so I could listen on my roku.

  1. I contacted roku via live chat yesterday regarding this issue.  The person I "spoke " to wasn't aware of the problem and she wasn't too swift.  I had to explain three times what the problem was.  She attempted to troubleshoot the issue (even asking if it could be the batteries in the remote!) but nothing worked.  After about a half hour, I finally got so frustrated I just told her I needed to leave the chat and would attempt to call someone the next day.  Not encouraging at all.


Not true, the Spotify channel developer is Spotify. You can see that when you try to add the channel to Roku. Says "Developer: Spotify". Spotify develops it, then publishes it to the Roku store.


This channel has not been updated since July 18, 2014. It is still listed as version 1.0.

Also, sounds to me that Spotify made some database architecture updates, and now the old app search feature does not fully support whatever the new changes are. They need to update their app to be compatible with their architecture.


 The Spotify App for the Roku Device has always been Lousy.  It's never been as robust as the apps on the phone.  Now it makes sense since it hasn't been upgraded in such a long time.

There must be hundreds of thousands or millions using the Roku device, don't you think?


You would think! Hope that is true and they get to fixing this thing. And yeah, the app does suck in general.


I received this from the 'support'.

has anyone tried their twitter?


For any major service issues we’ll keep you in the loop via our Twitter:!/spotifystatus


Ok, thanks very much.  After posting I thought maybe it's a Spotify issue.  What do I know.  I'm 66 years old.  None of my same age friends even know what Spotify or Roku is.  I get blank stares.  So now I guess the logical thing to do is to contact Spotify.


We're all in this together!

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