Ruark audio R2 playing different song to app

Ruark audio R2 playing different song to app


Plan Premium

Country UK 



iPhone XS latest OS

Ruark Audio R2 mk3 latest firmware 



My Question or Issue


if I create a queue of songs on the iPhone app and then connect it to the R3 it starts to play and will often play for hours without an issue. Then suddenly for no apparent reason it gets stuck on a song and plays it over and over while the iPhone app moves on to the next song in the queue. The device will then be playing song A and the app will be on Song B.


When this happens the only way of solving it is to return the sound to the phone and turn off the R3 and then eventually when you turn it back on they will match again. It will then continue fine for about another 24 hours and then do it again. Starting to get annoying now. Have contacted Ruark Audio technical and they have not experienced the issue and can’t replicate it. 


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