Samsung Gear S3 Unable to Login


Samsung Gear S3 Unable to Login

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Attempting to use Spotify on my Gear s3 (bluetooth version) over wifi... Remote (phone control) is functioning, but using spotify on my gear is the only reason I paid for spotify premium.


-Using a Galaxy S8+

-Newest Gear update

-No offline devices on my spotify account page

-Tried uninstalling/reinstalling with and without restarting gear/phone

-Used facebook for login, even changed password

-Tried without spotify app installed on my phone

-Tried with gear wifi on auto and always on 


This is ridiculous... If i cant get spotify working on my Gear S3, then i wont use the app and definitely wont pay again for premium.


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also i only started a new thread because this issue has NOT been solved


I have this very same issue and it just hangs up when I press enter. 


I managed to login!!!

Just go to your spotify account, create a device username and password. Using the new username (very long) and password, login using spotify username and password instead.


My problem was that I wasn't able to log into my Gear S3 spotify app with the facebook login method.

You have to create a spotify username and password in spotify's website (you can log in with your facebook account). Once logged in you have to

navigate to your account and there should be a tab that you can

press "set device password" (something like that).

Set up your password (should send an email to you with a link to set up the password) and use the username (numberline that spotify gives you once you clicked "set device password" tab). Then you should be able to

log into spotify on your devices using that spotify username and the password you just created.


I first tried removing offline devices and rebooting all devices that have spotify in them and reinstalling spotify app from my Gear s3 but nothing worked then. Tried to set up the spotify log in method and spotify app on my Gear s3 started working again. Thanks to theReven for the comment but I didn't first understand what he really meant so I thought I'd make it a bit more informative comment so others that have my weird way of thinking don't need to think as much as I did. Hope this helped you fix your login issue.

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This is great and all, but I login through facebook. There is no email associated with my spotify account, and the site doesnt let me edit one into my account. No email, no device password.