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[Samsung] Smart TV - Supported models

[Samsung] Smart TV - Supported models

We apologise for any confusion about the models of Samsung Smart TV that support the Spotify app, and any disappointment that may have been caused. I will try to clarify.


Supported Samsung Smart TV models are currently:


  • In Europe
  • Year 2012
  • E7000, E8000 and E9000 series

E5000 and E6000 series were hoped to have been supported after the recent firmware upgrade (29.0). Unfortunately, the app has been temporarily withdrawn from the Samsung Apps folder on these models.


I will update this thread when we have a time estimate for the reintroduction of the app to E5000 and E6000.


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2 Replies

After a little delay, I'm happy to say that the latest Samsung Smart TV firmware update includes Spotify app support for the E5000 and E6000 series (Year 2012).


I still don't have any news about launch in the US, I'm afraid.

Hi everyone,

We have some good news! We're now available in the USA on the Samsung TVs mentioned above.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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