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Saved music only showing under albums, not artists

Saved music only showing under albums, not artists






iPhone 8 and Windows desktop

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iOS 12, Windows 10


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My saved music in my library now only shows up under albums and not artists on both my iPhone and desktop.  Adding artists in the Artists tab just makes me follow them; it doesn't show the songs I have saved.  So now if I want to listen to an artist's three albums in random song order I have to make a playlist of all of the albums instead of just selecting shuffle play under the specific artist?  Is there a way to get my music sorted by artist again?

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Same. This is so annoying. I saved songs so that I didn’t have to listen to the other songs by that artist that I don’t like or so that I don’t have to go every single album individually. I’ll be genuinely upset if I’m going to have to make a playlist for every artist with their songs just to listen to what I already had saved.  

I think I have a similar issue. So I usually added a song or album to my library. I would then go to my songs and hit shuffle. So I would get a nice shuffled experience from my whole library. Now it seems that will not be the case. When I add a album they don't show up in songs anymore. I'll need to add songs now instead of whole albums. Kind of annoying and a hassle. I just want a whole shuffle option of any music I have in my account. What gives. 

**bleep** I am having the exact same issue! I am in total rage mode! This is so stupid. I save songs of a particular artist with the intention of being able to go to the Artist tab and find that artist and the songs I have saved. wth?! How is this not a feature?

Hey everyone,


This is currently expected. You'll find saved albums under the Albums section, and followed artists under the Artist section. If you want to look for saved tracks from certain artist, you should have a playlist called 'Liked songs' which will bring you to your saved music. From there, you can sort by a certain artist or album, and add tracks to queue or play normally. 


There is an idea about the new Library here, and if you agree with it, make sure to add your +Vote.


Let us know if there's anything else!

I'm having the same problem and it's really annoying.  It almost makes Spotify useless to me now.  This problem for me showed up in February 2019.  My go-to method for playing music was to go to my Artists list, find an artist that I want to listen to, and then I would only see all of that artist's SAVED music - i.e. only the songs from that artist that I've saved and that I want to hear.  Now all I can do is "follow" the artist and I just get their entire list of songs.  But I only want to see my saved songs (like it used to show me).  I may be forced to create playlists for each artist with only the songs I want.  Guess what?  I have 3106 saved songs for maybe like 150 artists.  This is going to take me months to go song by song!  Spotify, please change this back.  I'm a premium member and the app is kind of useless to me now.  Getting ready to leave.

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