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Select audio output device?


Select audio output device?

Dear Spotify Developers -


Firstly, thank you for such an awesome product!


I've got several audio outputs from my PC - my speakers, my headphone DAC+amp (optical out), and my TV (nVidia HDMI audio output). Please can you add an option to select which audio device Spotify will output to? Otherwise I have to keep changing the default playback device for the system. Skype has this feature, it's very useful.


Thank you!

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This is a feature request.


You'll need to add it to the Idea Board.


But I think there's already an idea for this: here. Vote it up!

First was the record, then the cassette, the CD, then came along Spotify... that really did change everything!


Looking for this option as well!

i'll vote up this feature.


I have a hi fi system connected to my mac. I want only music to play through Hi-Fi. all the annoying youtube videos, etc should be heard on internal speakers of Mac.

This idea went up on the Idea boards on Februari 2nd of this year. More then 6 months and 191 kudos later not even a status has been added. 


Can this be review please?

Fraeco - This idea was put in place before the status' were put in place, so that's why one hadn't been added. We're going through the board and updating Ideas where we can, but it's rather a popular place so there is still some to go through.

I've now added a status to it.
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Thanks! Gives us DIY media player guys a bit of hope!

I have actually had some success using different sound cards with Spotify in the past.

Sometimes, I pretend I can record music, so I've got a little Audio Interface. I have set my laptop up to have this as the default sound device, so as soon as this is plugged in, this will route Spotify playback through this.

When it's unplugged, sound goes through laptop speakers. However, Spotify plays through this just fine too. Although you guys might be using a little more of a complicated set up than I am.
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Probably all sound is routed through the plugged in sound device.


What I (and I think a lot of other people) am trying to accomplish is to have the Spotify audio go through output device A and have other applications go through output B. As it is at the moment it's everything or nothing 🙂



Looking for the same feature.

Found this program called "Fidelify" which have that exact possibility, it's a replacement for the Spotify client.

It's in beta version, but will be updated in a couple of weeks (at least that's what I read in the forum), mine didn't show the playlists, could scroll through them but didn't see the text, so good enough for me, but I can at least choose a different audio playbackdevice than Windows default. Here's a few links:


Forum that is recommending this program:


The actual program:


And a norwegian forum where the creator "talks about the program" (In norwegian 😉 😞 



Using Fidelify for playback using my Spotify- login.... Been using it for a few minutes now, and works lika a charm so far. 😄



Hope this helps you guys until Spotify manages to get this feature implemented in their program.

Hi! I am one of the developer behind the upcoming version of Fidelify.

I had the same problem that you describe with version 0.4.* but in the upcoming version 0.5 we have upgraded to use libspotify version 12 (from 04) and that fixed the issue for me.


We are in the last test phase now, and we will post the new version next week.

Glad it's working dispite that annoying 'playlist not showing' bug.


Hello People,


I have a (not free)  "Solution" for the problem:




This program gives me the option to choose what active application i want on what sound device!

So at this moment i have spotify and skype on my headset and the rest of all sounds on my speakers!

The program is not free, but costs $25.



Well I thought it is time to give Spotify a try, as I can now do so without a @*!%ing Facebook account.  Then the big disappointment - the only way to get it to play through my not always switched on sound system on a separate soundcard was to make it that soundcard the default.


That's not going to happen!


Fidelity - only for premium customers.


IndieVolume - pay for it for my free trial - yeah sure.


Looks like my spotify srtay could be short lved....................


You can use indie volume for 14 days for free.
After the 14 days you need to purchase or delete it..

I'm using this plugin:


Its a basic equalizer, but it also allows me to select output device. For free!

Brilliant - with eq settings all zero and the limiter off it just sends to the selected output device.


An alternate way I had started using as I already had it installed is running Spotify in a VMWare virtual machine, which allows you  to point the virtual machine's output to a chosen output device.  Doing this just for spotify would be a big waste of CPU power though!


This works likea charm... great thanks!

they is a way!! i stumbled along this just download equalify



Take a look at PulseAudio, you'll probably be able to find a solution there. I've been able to send the spotify stream to my sonos player.


Some useful commands:


#    1. List sinks (index and name):
       pacmd list-sinks | egrep  'index:|name:'
#    2. List sinks (name):
       pacmd list-sinks | egrep  'index:|name:' | sed -rn '/name/ { s/.*name:\s*<(.*)>/\1/; p; }'
#    3. List sink inputs (name and client):
       pacmd list-sink-inputs | egrep 'index:|client:'



$ load-module module-null-sink sink_name=sonos


$ pacmd list-sinks | egrep  'index:|name:'

    index: 8
    name: <alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo>
    index: 9
    name: <sonos>

$ pacmd list-sink-inputs | egrep 'index:|client:'

    index: 925
    client: 488 <spotify>


# move spotify output to sonos

$ move-sink-input 925 sonos


# move spotify output back

$ pactl move-sink-input 925 alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo


there is some more useful info here:







This is a great idea.  I think Spotify should have this option when  you want music to be seperate from the PC so  you can have music in the background while looking at a video on the computer.    We should have this option even if it's for the Premium subscribers.     Also there should be another way that you can have music played through bluetooth and streaming audio.   Since we don't have this, now we have to get another PC just to use with Spotify to have background music and we should not be dealing with too many computers.  

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