Spotify Connect: Denon Connection Loss (Network Restart)


Spotify Connect: Denon Connection Loss (Network Restart)

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hello, i have the following problem. 

Since few days i cannot use spotify connect to my denon receiver (4100w) anymore.

The  connection itself works and it plays music for 1 second, but immediately after connect it seems the receiver loses network connection and restarts the service.


before I never had any problems. No changes in my network, firmware or receiver settings. Only spotifuggle version is new.


tried to reboot everything, set static ip to receiver, reinstalled spotify on mobile and pc, no solution.


please help, I'm not able to use it anymore 😞



Br, sebastian.



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"Response By Email (Patrick) (28/08/2015 10:28)
28/8/2015: RESOLVED: Problems with Spotify Connect Playback 
After some changes to the Spotify server, Spotify Connect works flawlessly again with our units. We apologise for any inconvenience this caused to you."

**bleep**ing Joke ...

I have still lag and cut and lag and cut every time with my CEOL N9

I can't opening with my phone spotify when my Denon is mode sleep...

Many many probleme... Nothing is fixed.



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Few days ago streaming starts working properly but yesterday again streaming problem returned it stutters all the time &*(*^&%%.

Internet connection is OK (internet radio works without any problem), firmware in the router newest, Denon restarted, spotify newest on Android phone as well as on the laptop with Window.


Denon DNP 730 AE.
If the problem will going to repeated I return back the Denon, it is completely useless for me at this moment.


I'm spotify user since few months and my spotify connect connection worked like a charm since October.
Today I can't anylonger play a song using spotify connect from my ipHon to my Denon 730AE.
I didn't change anything, I restored factory settings of my Denon without any success...

I'm running
the latest Denon firmware
The lastest iPhone spotify App
My denon is connected wire (not wifi)
Internet connect is very fast (fiber)

I'm unable to play a song correctly. I hear the song 2 seconds and then the song stop and then restanrt for 1 second etc...
What a shame... Does any one got a solution to fix this ?

Thanks very much.
Best regards,

NB. If no change within 10 days I'll be in position to cancel my spotify account.

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I'm currently facing the same issue as fxr.
When I use spotify connect from my computer  to my Denon AVR x2100w, the songs getting cut off all the time. Like if the internet connection was too low but I have a fiber connection and my local network uses wired connection (I tried with Wifi, but same issue).
Every other services work good ( Denon Internet radio, spotify on my computer,... )  but with spotify on my Denon it's impossible to listen the music.
The Denon AVR x2100w firmware is the last and a hard reset do not solved the issue.

Thanks for your help



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I had exactly the same problem, nothing helps, reinstalling software on phones, Denon DNP 730 as well as on a router. The Denon service in Poland said, that it is a problem with Denon servers configuration. I wait more than two weeks and nothing, on the Denon web page the information appears that the problem is solved buuuuut in Poland still the same.
On the Denon web page you are not able to contact directly to service unless you are from US. I put some comment on the fb Denon profile and suddenly it start working. I do not know whether this affects comment or not.It seems that the problem is on the Denon side.


It seems that the the problem returned, since yesterday in Poland also.
I had enough problems with spotify and Denon DNP for me the best way will be to return back the network player.

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The acute problem (of that occured for many users in August seems resolved but there remain other problems. 


Mine is that I select my Denon Ceol for playback via Spotify Connect. The beauty of this vs. Airplay is that it shows the name of the tracks as they play and my phone/ipad doesn't need to keep playing Spotify, it has 'handed it off' to the Denon.


This is a great system and used to work flawlessly, but since a few weeks the track names don't update on the Denon after the first track. So the name of the first track stays on the display as the playlist continues. Eventually the Denon appears to think that there is no activity and goes into auto-shutdown (which I have set for 15 minutes). Very annoying.


Of course I could choose to play via Airplay or switch off the auto-shutdown, but Spotify Connect is the reason I bought the Denon instead of Sonos.


Running latest firmware on the Denon and latest Spotify app on ipad and iphone.

I don't know if this is a Spotify or a Denon issue.


Thanks in advance for any advice / tips.






I'm experiencing similar issues with a Denon Heos Link device using Spotify connect.

Sometimes the playback stops randomly, playback is stuttering, controls are laggy...

In the same time if I select my Chromecast device to play the same song, everything is working fine, the same is true using the desktop app on a window PC.


The problem of playback is only experienced on the Denon Heos device and it happens not every day, seems to me like a server overload at some period of the day.


I'm based in France, my ISP is Orange (partner of Deezer), so I also suspect them to be part of the issue because playing Deezer on my Heos Link is working like a charm...


- Denon Heos Link with last firmware

- LG G3 as Spotify connect remote

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I'm also based in France and my ISP is Orange too.

Yes it's like an overload since sometimes during the day everything works great.




Hi max0042,


I wonder if the overload is related to Orange, Spotify or Denon itself.

I suspect Denon otherwise Spotify connect shouldn't work on my Chromecast...

It's working back like a charm this morning... Fingers crossed ! I didn't make any change. Crazy.

Don't think that Orange is to be a target as spotify is working well on the denon throught airplay.

Let's stay tuned

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It depends of the hour. Right now it doesn't work for me, music getting cuts off all the time. It's rush hour and the network seems overloaded...

Can anyone from spotify support team helps us and advice us to fix this issue ? I have contacted the Denon support but no answer for the moment.





Hi, since a few days my DENON amplifier AVR-X1100W does not get detected on my computers or Android devices.

I can only use Airplay from the ipad but I would like to have it working with Android like it used to? Is it possible that Airplay messes with Android wifi connection and somehow disactivate it?



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I have similar problem all the time (DENON DNP 730ae), the only solution I have found is to completely unplug power for few seconds or reset router.

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Hi all!


I see that I'm not the only one to experience issues with Spotify Connect.


I confirm that I have the same issue, but my receiver is a PIONEER N-50A-K.


I first experienced some gaps and lot of interuptions in the audio streaming in august, during a few weeks. The pioneer receiver does not restart, but the gaps are very very frequent; and sometimes it is not gaps anymore, but huge blanks, like 5, 10 or 20s before the playback resumes.


The problem first disappeared by itself in september... but is now back again for nearly nearly 2 weeks.


I tried everything below, without any effect:

  • restarting the Pioneer receiver
  • updating the Pioneer's firmware
  • changing the network config of my Pioneer receiver (static IP or DHCP, auto DNS or Google's one, ...)
  • shutting down other devices on the network (tablet, PC, ...)
  • using other ethernet ports on my router and/or ethernet switch
  • restarting my router

I have a very good connection (Optical fiber), no wifi (only ethernet), and absolutely NO problem with spotify with my other devices (Androïd tablet, Windows PC) with the "usual" spotify app instead of Spotify Connect. The only issue is with my Spotify Connect receiver, on which my Hi-Fi system is plugged...

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Similar situation here in italy (venice)


I've an Hama 3100 receiver, and spotify connect have weird behaviour.

I'ts almost impossible to remote play the receier from ipad or pc, sometimes it works, sometimes when i change songs on ipad it tooks minutes before change also on hama.

The crazy thing is that on ipad the progress bar of the songs works well, so i can see in real time what i'm listening on hama and what is the correct running time of the song: the connection between the two devices are ok. But when i try to change songs 19 times on 20 it doesn't works..


Hi all,


Nothing new from the Spotify customer service (if there is any) ?!


It's a shame that no one from Spotify is trying to understand the issue, in the meantime they continue to get my 9.90€ every month...

Now it's becoming impossible to listen to Spotify music using Connect feature on my Denon Heos Link.


I'm starting to consider going to Deezer, it's working well on the same device.


Too bad that the so called leader of online music streaming isn't able to investigate on a topic like this one.

I agree ! Tonight impossible to connect to the spotify connect system using my Denon730AE !!

I agree ! Tonight impossible to connect to the spotify connect system using my Denon730AE !!


I've the same issues with my Pioneer VSX-S510 these days/weeks... 😞


It happens the same to me since a few days, impossible to play in my Gramofon using Spotify Connect. What is happening??

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