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Spotify Connect: Denon Connection Loss (Network Restart)


Spotify Connect: Denon Connection Loss (Network Restart)

hello, i have the following problem. 

Since few days i cannot use spotify connect to my denon receiver (4100w) anymore.

The  connection itself works and it plays music for 1 second, but immediately after connect it seems the receiver loses network connection and restarts the service.


before I never had any problems. No changes in my network, firmware or receiver settings. Only spotifuggle version is new.


tried to reboot everything, set static ip to receiver, reinstalled spotify on mobile and pc, no solution.


please help, I'm not able to use it anymore 😞



Br, sebastian.



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Still waiting for an official answer from Spotify...


The thing is, I don't understand why the "connect" service is so unstable. From my understanding, it is the same stream which is used by a "Spotify connect" device and any other usual devices.

Where does the difference come from?


How to report this important issue to Spotify Support team ??

Today I'm totally unable to use Spotify Connect feature... 😞 !!



Hey ladies and gentlemen!

their is an ongoing issues post about your issue here 🙂

If you could comment with the information requested it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Have An Awesome Day! 🙂

@fxr, To contact technical support, click "about" in the bottom of the page, and then you have an option to contact directly the spotify team, which should lead to a page like this one: This is the "french" url, but you should be able to find the one in your language.


Hey folks. Spotify here.


We’re looking into these reports about Connect. But it would help if you could provide us with a reply that includes the following info: 


Spotify version:


Firmware version:

Steps to reproduce:

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):





Spotify version:

Android version




Denon Heos Link


Firmware version:

Heos Info

Revision: 3
Version: 1.310.170
Build: 70869
Module: 10
Release: Production
Locale: en_EU



Steps to reproduce:

In the evening use Spotify Connect from my android phone to connect to my Denon Heos Link, connection Ok, start to play any song and wait for freeze or gap in the streaming, happens a lot lately...

Not using Spotify Connect and play the same song using only the Spotify app on my android phone is working well.

Issue only happens using Spotify Connect feature !!

For me seems related to a server overload as it's not happening (or less) in the morning...

(Orange France ISP with optical fiber connection)


Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):

All firmware up-to-date = No improvements

Hard factory reset = No improvements

Also re-installed Spotify App on android phone = No improvements

Spotify doesnt work with my X4100 too...


Spotify version:

Devices: HTC One, Denon X4100

Firmware version: Android 5.0.2 HTC Sense 6.0

Steps to reproduce: Doesn work at all

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device): Tried restarting the phone, tried different routers (now: Fritzbox 7490), tried network restart at receiver, tried full reset at receiver -> worked for some hours, then same problem again


Please provide a solution or I'll have to try other streaming providers.

Hey @andrejtippner. We're investigating and will get back to you when we have an update.



just tried a new X4100 and still have that problem. I do see the device but cant connect...Its quite frustrating -.-

Spotify version:

Devices: Denon X1100W, Samsung S6 and Nexus 7 2013

Firmware version: Latest

Steps to reproduce: I can see the Denon X1100W AVR but when I try to connect nothing happens then the Denon dissapears from the devices that can be seen.

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device): Yes


I am. I think its because i had spotify reset my account back a few months ago and ps4 is still using the old account witch should now be gone. But im still getting the network error message everytime i try to pull it up. I cant even link up using my phone through wifi connection to the ps4.


Please help.


Hello. I am with this problem since last week. Until than it worked nice, bust since last friday I can´t use Spotify. My Denon AVR X 3000 Loss the newtwork conection after playing one our two musics from a playlist (anyone no matter). Other streaming chanels like internet radio or Sirius are nice, can play with no problem. It a problem related just to Spotify. How to fix it?


Hi Adam, I have exactly the same problem, but with a Onkyo TX 8150 receiver. I really need a solution. Thanks in advance.

I have a Onkyo TX 8150.,
The firmware version it's running. (1030-1000-0000)
The device you're streaming from. (Samsung S6, Samsung S5 and a PC, with Windows 7 ProfesionalThe version of Spotify you're running on that the Samsungs I have the, at the PC the

I have a Onkyo TX 8150.,

The firmware version it's running. (1030-1000-0000)

The device you're streaming from. (Samsung S6, Samsung S5 and a PC, with Windows 7 ProfesionalThe version of Spotify you're running on that the Samsungs I have the, at the PC the


Pluging in an ethernet cable seems to have solved the issue. I was despaired the AirPlay and SpotifyConnect features kept de-activating when used on wifi (I had to go through the quick setup sequence every time), but as soon as I tried a cable connection it worked like magic. I can now turn on the Ceol from the Spotify App on all my devices. I also see it on the list of AirPlay compatible devices on my iPad, which was not the case previously.

It is a shame the wifi connection is so unstable, but at least everything works now...

I have a Denon s900w and it's still having trouble staying connected via Spotify connect . used to work fine. Now it's always inconsistent. What is the solution? You said problem solved on your website but there was no solution offered that I could find. If I try and do anything on my smart phone it disconnects the Denon almost immediately.

I have similar problem all the time with Denon DNP 730 AE. The only solution I found is to turn off the power but not the power button, you have to remove the cable out of the electrical outlet for a while.

I didn't try cable connection I used only Wi-Fi.

Sometimes it seem to be working correctly but new software update appears and problems as well.

Thanks for the tip. I'll try that.

Good to read I am not alone with my Spotify connect Denon Ceol Piccolo N9 issue.


New update new problems, it never (2-3 year owner) worked perfect. Tried network (wired and wifi) in various configurations.


The biggest reason for me to buy the Denon was Spotify Connect, bad call!

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