Spotify Connect - Multiroom

Spotify Connect - Multiroom


I've got spotify premium and I'm using spotify connect to cast audio from an android phone to a google chromecast audio


I also regularly listen from my desktop.


If spotify would allow me to stream the same audio to my chromecast audio and desktop player simeltaneously I'd have a ready built whole home audio system.


I think it would be amazing to be able to spotify connect to any and all devices on my account simeltaneously. a gigantic value add to spotify if they can master this.

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Hey @astuckens, thanks for posting! 


I also agree this would be a great feature, there's a live idea which suggesting this, you can add your vote and comments in support there ; )

While it's been marked as "Not Right Now", Spotify staff periodically review these ideas for feedback, and may choose to implement them in future

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A solution that works now: Connect another Chromecast Audio to any aux-enabled speaker, and you have multi-room synced connectivity. They're £25 here: 



Except. It doesn’t work. Expect lots of dropouts. Long chats with support about it never happened before but here’s a fiddly list of things you can try. Deleting reinstalling test accounts. Blah blah. Not robust. Not acceptable. My CCAs lasted less than a day before I returned to google. 


I have 5 CCAs. Grouping works flawlessly in sync. Once in a while, if it takes a while for the Spotify app to connect to a CCA, choose "This phone" first, and then the CCA again. Extremely happy with my purchase(s).


sync is flawless - both dropout at same time!

Pleased to hear yours work - I wish mine did but they dont. Now where's the parcel tape?


🙂 Before you wrap it up: If you can choose between 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ on your network, choose 5 GHZ.

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