Spotify + SSD

Spotify + SSD

I already changed my cache folder for a HDD (in settings menu) but all the data is still being written on my SSD. As I just have 128gb in it and it has a lower lifetime I want to keep it free from useless data.


Anything could I do to make Spotify write only on my HDD (Secondary Disk).





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Hello @user-removed and welcome to Spotify Community 🙂



Here is workaround to move your Storage folder.


Just execute the following commands and Spotify is no longer going to write to your SSD disk :

      1. File->exit Spotify
      2. Move the old Storage folder to new location
move C:\Users\YourUSER\AppData\Locale\Spotify\Storage New:\Spotify\Storage\Location


               3. Create symlink to disk C:\  (or wherever your folder is )

mklink /j "C:\Users\YourUSER\AppData\Locale\Spotify\Storage" New:\Spotify\Storage\Location



Today I noticed that Spotify is periodically updating a file called mercury.db and mercury.db-wal and causing lots of disk writes (up to 9 GB per 1.5 Hours) I used SsdReady to monitor the writes.

Maybe it is a software bug or some memory leak or whatever. So thanks to your post could move the whole Spotify folder to an HDD Disk and the number of writes on SSD is back to normal again.

Thank you soooo much!


So disappointing that this is an issue. I've had to switch to using the web client as my MacBook only has SSDs, and I don't want to ruin them.


Listened to Spotify for ~2 hours today, and it wrote over 80GB to disk. Unacceptable!


posted in the wrong thread about the same problem..


ssd write rates need to be fixed asap


 Is Spotify going to reimburse the people that had to buy new SSDs becase of this issue? I can't believe this has been an issue for so long!! 

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