Spotify player in Facebook


Spotify player in Facebook


Dear Spotify community,



My company has an Spotify channel and i would like to push our releases through to Facebook like this:image.png

Unfortunately i do not know how to do that. PANG did gave me a very quick reply back but they didn't knew either.


A few preferences if it won't disturb the solution:
- To do this with just the open Spotify player (So i won't have to install something at my pc or where ever i might be)

- To do this with no third party tools or converters of some sort. I am not against it, but would love to keep the line as short as possible.

- To do this so it will also work at Twitter / Google+


Thank you for your time to help me!


Robert Velhorst

CEO of Firespace Recordings

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 I've been wondering why this happens for the past year or so, now i know how to fix it. Thanks!


it did worked for me, after debugging copy the Canonical URL code and should work

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